Friday, August 21, 2009

Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Anyone?! :D

hahaha yeah so my bro doesn't want his cards anymore :P
So...I spoke to Kieran (the original owner) of these certain cards, and here they are.

First Edition: ($0.75/ea)
Astral Barrier (Trap Card)
Baby Dragon (Wind Card)
Big Eye (Dark Card)
Bokoichi The Freighting Car (Dark Card)
Change Heart (Magic Card)
Dian Keto The Cure Master (Magic Card)
Flame Manipulator (Fire Card)
Flame Swordsman (Fire Card)
Harpies' Hunting Ground (Spell Card)
Horus' Servant (Fire Card)
Masaki The Legendary Swordsman (Earth Card)
Nightmare Penguin (Water Card)
Reinforcements (Trap Card)
Spirit of the Harp (Light Card)
Tactical Espionage Expert (Earth Card)
The Creator Incarnate (Light Card)
The Reliable Guardian (Magic Card)
Time Wizard (Light Card)
Woodborg Inpachi (Fire Card)

Regular Card: Trap Card ($0.50/ea)
Castle Walls (2)
DNA Surgery
Just Desserts
Reverse Trap
Ultimate Offering

Spell Card: ($0.50/ea)
Dark Hole

Magic Card: ($0.50/ea)
Dark Energy
Monster Reborn
Remove Trap
Ring of Magnetism
Stop Defense

Dark Card: ($0.50/ea)
Dark Assailant
Dark Titan of Terror
Koumori Dragon
Mystic Clown
Ryu-Kishin Powered
Skull Knight
Unknown Warrior of Fiend

Earth Card: ($0.50/ea)
Hard Armor
Hitotsu-Me Giant
Judge Man
Mammoth Graveyard
Man-Eater Bug
Milus Radiant
Mysterious Puppeteer
Ogre of the Black Shadow
Oni Tank T-34
Pinch Hopper
Trap Master

Fire: ($0.50/ea)

Light: ($0.50/ea)
Electric Snake
Gyakutenno Megami
Neo the Magic Swordsman
Rogue Doll
Royal Magical Library

Water: ($0.50/ea)
Metal Fish

Wind: ($0.50/ea) ($16.75)
4-Starred Ladybug of Doom
Insect Soldiers of the Sky
One-Eyed Shield Dragon
Thousand Dragon
Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1

Kieran's "Covered" cards (they are in small little individual card covers) ($0.50/ea)
Armed Dragon LV 3
Armed Dragon LV 5
Back to Square One
Book of Secret Arts
Dark Energy
Hamburger Recipe
Hungry Burger

Holographic: ($1/ea)
Gate Guardian
Master of Dragon Knight
Superior Devil Swordsman

Japanese: ($0.75/ea)
Monster Reborn
Masked Dragon
Red-Eyes B. Chick
Freed the Brave Wanderer
Giant Rock Soldier
Dust Tornado
Interdimensional Matter Transporter
Heavy Storm
Emblem of Dragon Destroyer

Anyone interested?? $54 for the whole thing! :D

So...I'm selling stuff

so many things!! hahaha
I have an account on so if you are looking for school books, or dvds, or video games then keep checking up on my page. :)

If you like old school basketball, I have a few you might be interested. $0.50/per card, but $5.00 for 13. Here are the millions that I have.

Bronze Bordered Topps '98
Nuggets LaPhonso Ellis
Spurs Will Perdue
Blazers Rasheed Wallace
Blazers Isaiah Rider
Miami Heat Jamal Mashburn
CAVS Zydrunas Ilgauskas
Knicks Allan Houston
Bucks Elliot Perry
Magic Horace Grant
Rockets Eddie Johnson
Grizzies Antonio Daniels
Timberwolves Michael Williams
Sonics Detlef Schrumpf
Hornets B.J. Armstrong
Celtics Travis Knight
Nets Kendall Gill
Nets Sherman Douglas
Nets Sam Cassell
Raptors John Wallace
Raptors Doug Christie
Warriors Jim Jackson
Warriors Adonal Foyle
Suns Clifford Robinson
Kings Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf
Pacers Mark Jackson
Pacers Chris Mullin
Pistons Lindsey Hunter
Pistons Malik Sealy
Jazz Jeff Hornacek
Jazz Greg Ostertag
Lakers Elden Campbell
Clippers Lorenzen Wright
Clippers Loy Vaught

Topps '92 Draft Pick
Magic Litterial Green

Topps '97/'98
Hornets Matt Geiger
Hornets David Wesley
Kings Olden Polynice
Bulls Luc Longley
Pacers Dale Davis
Pistons Brian Williams
Pistons Jerome Williams
Bucks Tyrone Hill
Heat P.J. Brown
Magic Mark Price
Sonics Hersey Hawkins
Clippers Loy Vaught
Suns Clifford Robinson
Timberwolves Paul Grant

Topps '92 Draft Pick
Trailblazers Dave Johnson

TSC (Topps Stadium Club) '94
Spurs J.R. Reid

TSC '95
Magic Nick Anderson
Mavericks Popeye Jones
79ers Clarence Weatherspoon

UD Choice Cards '98
Rod Strickland (Wizards)
Corliss Williamson (Kings)

UD Collector's Choice
Grizzlies Kevin Pritchard ('95)
Kings Mitch Richmond ('97)
Hawks Stacy Augmon ('95)
Sonics Jim McIlvaine ('98)

'92/'93 UD Draft
Hawks Adam Keefe

Fleer Vintage '61
Chris Carr Timberwolves '98/'99

Fleer Traditions '98/'99
Supersonics Vin Baker
Kings Olden Polynice
Celtics Walter McCarty
Blazers Brian Grant
Mavericks Chris Anstey

Fleer '97/'98
Magic Johnny Taylor (Rookie)
Nuggets Bryant Stith

Fleer '92/'93 ULTRA
Jazz Larry Krystkowiak
Rockets Otis Thorpe (Dunk Rank 3)

Fleer '93/'94 ULTRA
Magic Keith Tower (Rookie Free Agent)
Bullets Don MacLean
Magic Greg Kite
Cavaliers John Battle
Nuggets Tom Hammonds
Bucks Brad Lohaus

WOWSERS! hahaha that's a lot of cards! hahaha