Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So much has happened!
Thanksgiving: Burned my hand while baking Molasses cookies
(my pies and cookies were too bitty with salt, no more of that large grains of salt for me)
Black Friday: Worked half of my shift due to injuries that sent me to ER
11/29: Finally set up an Etsy Shop and will post more things soon.
Today: Went for a follow-up at the doctor's and they say I am alright to work, but I have to sit when I feel like I should and can't life anything more than 10 lbs. Also received a Custom order for a 2nd Gen IPod and a phone! (Yay!!) I do those just F.Y.I.
I will hopefully try to make it up to LA for Friday so I can make a gingerbread house with my daddy and make some different types of holiday cookies!! ^^ Would be nice. Also trying to figure out when I can do a few photoshoots (not even the pro ones, just enough of a shoot) so I can post new items on the Etsy. >w<

Right now the special is FREE SHIPPING if you purchase a min of $25 of products (custom or ordered)

Well, happy holidays! Will probably put up another sale sooner and cut the free shipping off early. Just in time for the holidays! *Fingers Crossed*

You can always check it out on the other blogger page or Facebook! Never hesitate to e-mail the team for prices at

Happy Holidays!

Friday, November 19, 2010

3Days Isn't Enough

Yeah yeah yeah it's been three days since I posted but blah it's how bored I get!

So as you may know (hopefully) I have another blog for my cute simple headbands called So Kute Creations and yes I have finally uploaded a couple bands that I have completed. Today is the last day to order a headband where 20% of the profit will got o St Jude Children's Research Hospital. You can either donate on the page and notify me (i will give you the discount) or you can order a headband and 20% will be taken off.

It means so much to me and so much to the children who are sick.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Schadenfreude and Nylon Pink

I'm sick (suprise) but it's a stomach thing so hopefully I will get better soon. :/ wonder what got me because it's painful :/ great timing. I need to save up to pay off my $1400 bill from car repairs T^T

Remember~ So Kute Creations!! We are going to have new specials hopefully next week if Buy 2, Get 3rd Half Off isn't good enough for you lol ;)

Also Wanted to give a shoutout to Nylon Pink!
I will be upfront.
Nylon Pink has amazing music, crazy style, and upbeat bass that make people rock out in a club.
5 Asian girls who have talent, fashion, jewelry line, and energy who are all absolutely attractive.

What's happening with Nylon Pink?
They are having a Eat Drink Pink EP release party
this Saturday, Nov 20th
If you live in the OC, you gotta come out to their EP release show! Its
FREE admission and there will be tons of yummy eats! It's the OC's best
dessert competition!

Will you be there?


They just had a photoshoot with legendary rock photographer Neil Zlozower
You can check it out on their website while shop for some wicked stuff they have such as clothing, jewelry, lingerie. And don't forget to follow them on Twitter!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Mickey's Halloween Party in Disneyland

Was AMAZING!! I got to meet all these girls I talk to online who cos-play and their costumes were absolutely amazing! I also debuted my Pocahontas costume as well! I couldn't get moccasins, necklace, or wig done so I worked around it. Wore red flats to match the red tattoo, bought the Disney store necklace since it was also on sale, and used my naturally straight dark hair!

I felt bad because instead of running around with the new friends I made I went trick or treating with my boyfriend, his brother, and Amanda~. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy it one bit. I loved it! But I just felt bad for leaving my Belle by herself when she told me she hasn't met the others, but from the sound of it when I spoke to her it was fun. I did meet up with the girls ahead of time (because I had to give Belle her ticket) and they are all so kind and welcoming! I loved it! Even the Evil Queen was somewhat nice (lol) Let's see... in the beginning I met Snow White, her Prince, Rosetta, Tinker Bell, Jasmine, Cinderella, Evil Queen, Esmeralda, Vanessa, and Anastasia. I understand and have known all along that she isn't Disney, but technically Don Bluth who is the creator of films like Anastasia, Swan Princess, etc. was part of the Disney Animators group, but left.

Now I met with them, as we walked down Main Street we were stopped many many times and even ran into a Rapunzel and Flynn who were amazing cosplayers! Apparently we aren't allowed to pose for pictures, and I can understand that when the regular park attendees are present, but during the party, why not? We aren't getting paid, we know we aren't the characters, but why can't we take pictures with other people? If a child couldn't stand in line to meet a princess why can't they take a picture with one of us? So mean :P

After getting over 7lbs of candy I left my original group to join the princesses once more. This is when I also meet another group who were absolutely amazing as well! This is when we went to Aladdin's Oasis. The other group consisted of Snow White, her Prince, Belle, Adam, Mary Poppins, Esmeralda, Aladdin, Jasmine, Aurora, and Philip. Aladdin in his oasis and Aladdin who was the cosplayer were in different outfits, but almost looked identical! It was amazing! And I got a peek at Jasmine's costume which was under the cloak she wears when she runs away and walks through the Flea market of Agrabah. Regardless it was amazing.
Afterwards we took a group picture on the way up to Pirates of the Caribbean which by the way we took up an entire boat!! That is what I wanna see because it seems purely epic!!

I got to meet a couple photographers that the girls knew, and I also got to make so many new friends! I am so happy I went and got to meet them all! It's one thing to meet people at conventions it's another when it's in a location that's more specific! Not only were they all cosplayers, but they were major Disney fans! I like knowing a lot of people and having many acquaintances, but having friends that you can always talk to and chat about the latest news then it's more fun.

That's my adventure. I got super sick, but I guess it gives me a couple days off to just relax and feel better since I've been doing things everyday.

ANYWAYS! This is just a shout out to all of the new people I met! :D <3

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

how happy

How Happy are you today?
It may be raining, hailing, blustery, stressful, dramatic, etc.
But when you finally sit down to take a breather, how thankful of life and of yourself are you?

I guess I'm having an epiphany, but it could also be because I am taking a breather as well.

All my life I looked at life as half empty and never half full, I always looked at the negative parts of my life and never at the good things that occurred. I summed up every year as terrible only thinking back to the worse parts rather than being thankful and smiling upon the wonderful parts.

Well, I am sitting on a bed covered in yarn, needles, and textbooks smiling and feeling positively amazing! The weather outside was cast over, but I grasped a moment where the sun was peeking through a sea of gray skies, reflecting off the tops and bottoms, creating beautiful silhouettes of objects that sat sweating dew drops. I only saw this for 15 seconds, but imagined hours of beautiful inspirations.

Yesterday I felt like absolute crap and yes I was thinking why waste my time with all this when I can just give up, move back to LA, and live at school? Because that would be giving up on myself and everyone around me. I just needed the support. Thankfully I had a phone call from my eldest Aunt and an e-mail from my dad checking up on me and letting me know they love me. It's great to hear the voice of family when you don't live with them anymore. It really brought up my mood once I heard them.

And for my baby business - it's what I call it - I make headbands, berets, and scarves. How many have I sold so far? 1 baby hat, and 10 headbands! All in the span of less than a month! I made a facebook page for my baby business and called it "So Kute Creations" and in the span of 24hrs it jumped from 35 to 55! I'm so thankful for all my friends and family for supporting me! Hopefully it booms and I can really get business going with it. Who knows you might soon see "So Kute Creations"- LA branch within a few years. I am crossing my fingers for 5 yrs. :)

Anyways, Please smile for me, keep your heads held high, and believe that things will be better.

And Thank you.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Starry Eyed Bowtique

Clever name isn't it?
They have the CUTEST hair bows!!>W<

And thanks to a list of blogs I was able to find this!! It's a contest for a bow by Starry Eyed!!

You has to check them out!! oh yeah here's the link

I added them on Twitter & Facebook and I can't believe I haven't found them until now!!

Show the love and support!!


Monday, October 18, 2010

work work work

that's right! 3 works = $$$
At least... I hope lol
I am
1) working at a women clothing store (viscous women!)
After working here I am very much aware of my sexuality of being straight lol and I love my boyfriend very very much lol

2) working at a Disney Store
After working here I am very much sure I don't want children. If I do I might either
- A: Be one of those angry mothers who hate everyone around her except for her baby (who she will occasionally beat in public because she's not happy)
- B: be a happy mother with a happy child who isn't a crying brat (i hate bratty kids and bratty parents)

3) working in a party company
After working here I would LOVE to dress my baby up super cute and drag them to events where they will be adored as a baby prince or princess :3 (I'm not serious, but if I have a cute baby I might be highly tempted)

oop also

4) working in my baby company "So Kute Creations"
After making a few things I know for sure this is something I want to keep doing as a side project as well as baking super cute things. I wouldn't spend $$$ for lessons, but probably join a small group of people who like to do the same thing I do and trade work for skills.

Well I guess I should get ready for Disney :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

What's going on?

I was unable to meet Steven at his Birthday he invited me to as much as I wanted to! I feel so terrible and hope he forgives me as well as had a blast at his own party to recognize the awesomeness of his birth for the 20th year!

I finally gave Renee the Pooh hat order and I'm so happy she loves it! I just hope the who she is giving it to loves it as well!
I still have to finish up the order of seven headbands and I have made a separate blog for my shop "So Kute Creations" Yes I did spell 'cute' incorrectly because there's a store in Texas called So Cute Creations that do personalized gifts and what not.

In that blog I'll post finished projects and photos. I have a couple so far, modeled on my teddy bear "Duffy", but I won't post a blog with Pooh until I receive images with the baby I guess lol. As long as I have written consent to post the images. :3 Gotta start writing up the release forms XD

I also have a Facebook page for my shop. I will be making a few things during my spare time and post them for sale.

I have a root canal appointment on the 20th and 21st. I've survived deep cleaning and cavity fillings, so I hope to God this isn't going to hurt T^T

Today was also my first day at the Disney Store and it was a blast! I LOVE listening to princess songs and not Jonas or Miley :) They have events and resets just like SF, but completely for children! This I think will help with my interaction with children. It's funny because so many children are so shy and I find it somewhat funny when they stare at you with their mouth wide open (like in shock) hahaha I don't know why they do it, but it makes me laugh. :)

Just wanted to give an update. If you wanna order anything, please post on my other blog and I will get in touch with you from there.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Woooow It's Been a While


This month is filled with the 3 C's! :D
October is so wonderful!
So many holidays and awarenesses this month!
-Apple Month
-Domestic Violence Awareness Month
-German-American Heritage Month ;)
-Photographer Appreciation Month

Seriously! Did anyone know that October 6th is Mad Hatter Day or the 10th is Cake Decorating Day?! Well you should! Those are awesome!

Also October 18th, 2010 is National Chocolate Cupcake Day!! So if you see me, expect a Chocolate Cupcake ^^

Anyways, What's happened?
My Pocahontas and John Smith costumes are in the shipping mode, haven't left Spain yet I don't think, but I'm so excited to see them finally.
Also I bought some eye shadow that isn't pressed and am very curious as to how they work. If it's better than pressed I'll try to grab a few more.

Also I'm planning this gathering and it's going to be big, but small. I refuse to mention it, but it's starting to cost. I rather not spend $100+. Would it be wrong of me to charge $5-10 for the whole package? I'm getting trinkets, food, beverages, location, and even have the possibility of using a room in a really exclusive location for dessert!! It's still in process of negotiation, but everyone will have to pay for their own sweets. So far it's going to cost a lot and I don't want to just have me and two other mods pay for it all. Help??

I'm starting my Disney job Monday!! Doom Doom Doom! I am already prepared to make the decision when the time comes to let go of one job that I really enjoy. The girls are so sweet... except for a few, but can't pick and chose who you work with, right? Every person has a bad day, and I think I've been working those days XD Anyways~ It's going to be very very busy for me. I will be surprised if I still get a few weekends off for myself. :P

Ok well Off to do some HW

If you have any advice for the event, plz comment :D <3

Update: Made a Page for my products <3

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I've been very well!
My official transfer date from Disney's Soda Fountain & Studio Store to The Disney Store is TOMORROW!! >W< My start date is hopefully October 14th-ish?? lol Can't really remember, but I should be going ahead of time to pick up my uniform and schedule etc.

Today I did another party, not a character party, but I managed games. It was fun. I made something simple easy and quick with a short line into the biggest game hit! XD
"It's a TIE!! Do you guys wanna split the tickets or go for 12? Double or Nothing! Winner Takes All!" lol it really caught everyone's attention! I think...
The record placed in ties would be these two boys who tied 11 times in a row!! >W< 66 tickets was given to the winner XD It was insane!! I was given a lollipop by a little girl who was so sweet!! It was great to meet the rest of the staff of SDKPR and hopefully I can work with them even more! :)

Working at the clothing store I do really keeps me busy even for four hours a day. I wake up in the morning to go to work, on my way to or from I pick up a drink from Juice It Up (Great place! btw)Super nice guy there who likes to chat with everyone and anyone there. And they play SWITCHFOOT where I go! SWITCHFOOT! I love switchfoot lol. I almost started to sing the first time I was there XD I think the man is a Christian guy.

I've been getting a ton of hints to give church another try but I don't know how to go about that when the people I live with are not interested in religion. I could care less about the congregation, I'm just there to listen to what they have to translate from the Bible. I'm curious. I do have a belief of a higher being, fate, afterlife, etc. I'm not crazy with it though. We'll see. Maybe I'll just keep in touch with people and listen to radio sermons or online things.

I've received three Commission orders!! :D
One for photo editing, and possibly a photoshoot! :D
Another a set of headbands! >W<
Finally a hat!
I'm so happy this is all happening to me!
I am also building a portfolio of photo edits to submit to a talent agency I've known for three years! >W< So happy! Things seem to be looking up for me, but I will not say for sure because you never know when the table will turn, right?

Adam Lambert

First off, I know he's gay and I honestly could care less. Music, style, and art don't discriminate. He has amazing artistic taste in makeup, fashion, and show it through his music videos!

I mean seriously. His music video of "If I Had You" He has a friggin RAVE in the forest setting! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! SUPER!

The lighting in this shot is AMAZING, the spots where the band are positioned is perfect! and his makeup is AWESOME! >W< Jealous!
Also has anyone noticed his strut in the beginning and how similar it is to Beyonce's "Video Phone" entrance strut??

Right? I think they are very much with similar power and Diva-ness lol.

I guess that's all on this line!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Today and Contest Entry!

To start off, I am entering in another contest from Drop Dead Kawaii and it's awesome that she has these to impulse her followers to promote and post post post! :D Kudos!

Disneyland today was super fun! We were only there for like 5 1/2 hrs, but it was fun... until I got hungry of course XP

Got to meet Duffy the Bear!! They had an Annual Passholder event.

So much fun! We even got to see merchandise that will not be out until October 14th or so and ALSO got a chance to purchase our very own Duffy the Bear with an option of Sailor outfit (SUPER CUTE!!) What did I do? Beg my boyfriend to buy one teeheehee jk
I also found out the Duffy the Bear that I have from a while ago is retired and worth $$ but because of my Disney heart I am not going to sell him... unless I find a better softer one.

When we returned to Disneyland afterwards who was out in front?? ARIEL!!! What did I do? Take a picture with her, my boyfriend, and Duffy! As we were almost at the front of Ariel's line who else decided to join in the fun?? BELLE!! Hellz yeah! It was totally lucky! After we took pictures with Ariel, we jumped into Belle's line! I noticed they didn't have any CMs there to help them out, luckily it seemed as though they were able to manage :D
We decided to line up at the Haunted Mansion and guess who was at their spot? Princess Jasmine and Aladdin! Friggin awesome! Especially after watching the trilogy not to long ago. >W< So I ran into that line and go to take a pic with them!! Pics hopefully coming up soon. :D

Today was a good day. Bought one of those "Learn to Draw" books Princess Edition at Company D since it was 50% off. >:3

Friday, September 17, 2010

Shout Out!! ♥ Series #1

First off, I'm SOOOOOO Happy for my friend Chelsea who has made it to Disneyland Hong Kong as a performer!!!
Her life is starting fresh and is packed with adventures just waiting to happen!! Please support the awesomeness by following her new Blog! She auditioned months ago while in Orlando and after a long time of waiting, she got the ok to fly to China! I'm so proud of her! She's energetic, loving, patient, and a definite Disney Fan!

Second, Helen!! :D
She's a Disney Cosplayer for life and has been known as Drizella (Cinderella), Pocahontas, Princess Jasmine, Ariel, Belle, and just recently as Charlotte (Princess and the Frog)
Like many cosplayers, she has made most of her costumes by hand along with styling the wigs. She's currently constructing wings for her Tinker Bell costume - From Scratch!
You can check out more pictures of her cosplay on her Deviant Art profile.
Isn't her smile spot on??

3) My biggest fan (according to FB) Mia!!
She's so sweet and friendly. Friends with a lot of cosplayers. Also she seems to be a cosplayer as well. Her Rosetta costume is currently under construction and the fabric and wings pattern are looking so well so far! She always seems excited about news and when we are in the process of building something. I recently posted pics from my first Mulan gig and the excitement really inspires me to continue and move ahead. I find support key to getting ahead and she's my #1 gal pal!

So those are my 3 current girls that I wanted to throw a shout out to! They are all Disney fans, caring, and wonderful girls!

I love you three! ♥♥

Crazy Adventures! ♥

Yes I have had some crazy adventures just working lol.
First off I would like to thank Jennifer Ellison for hooking me up with a Mulan gig for San Diego Kids Party Rental. It wasn't a Mulan costume, but it was a traditional Chinese dress.

The birthday girl's cake was so cute! It had a picture of Mulan and it said Happy Birthday *****. Not sure if I'm authorized or have permission to be posting of the birthday girl's face so I am not.
I did all that I could. What did I do? Sit and talk to the children, hold paint while they painted their umbrellas, watch them eat, spar a few (3-1 isn't fair btw), and sang ♫"Reflection"♫ at the end. When the song was over I was talking to the mother and by the time we were done talking I saw the birthday girl in the pool! I went in knowing she was the Camp Rock type of girl and not too much the princessy kind so it was alright. The mother really enjoyed the performance and was more than happy to put in a good word for me for future references! Fantastic! I'm so relieved and happy it went well! And I'm very thankful for Jennifer to go with me and make all those balloon swords and mermaids!

Next! Working at a clothing store! It is quite the experience and I'm learning a bit more about fashion now that I'm working at a women clothing store. We are always getting in new shipment and things are moving around quite a bit.
There are mothers who have ADHD children that enjoy crawling under the door to see other women change, run into walls and slam their heads on the chairs. -__- usually those are the same mothers who try on 30 things and leave them all in the dressing room or just not taking any of them. I think those are secret shoppers, but they are still buttmunchers. :P

Also on my way home from work yesterday I stopped over by Trader Joe's to pick things up and I saw a woman in her car talking to her kids. When I came back to my car the woman was gone (probably shopping) and her kids were all over the driver's seat pushing buttons and using the windshield wipers using up all the fluid and blasting the radio♫ really loud. This car was in front of mine, mind you. So when I got to my car and another lady left (tale after this) I stared at the boys surprised and in "WTF?" mode. They noticed, lowered the radio, turned off the windshield wipers and sat in their seats like good boys. XD HILARIOUS!

Now the lady that parked next to my car as I was walking towards it:
She gets out of her car, looks at mine (specifically the note I taped on the back) and laughed. When she saw me approach my car she said "I had a small car like that too; you have a funny sign" XD I told her i get a lot of people asking me if i want to sell my car (which i don't, thank you very much) so a stuck a sign on my rear windshield saying "This car is NOT for sale; stop asking!!" XD HILARIOUS!!

OH! forgot to mention! I made a headband~

Cute right?

I also made purple shells so it is supposed to look like Ariel's shells floating on the Sea (funny when you think about it) unfortunately the shells look like a fail bow XD

What do you think?

Yes I do make these for fun and also take commissions. They aren't pricey one bit due to the fact that I am not a pro at crochet, but good enough to make these. :) You can always comment here or e-mail me at if you are interested.
Just send me an e-mail with your name, zip code, what color yarn, and what you want on it. I'll then give you an estimate and we can work from there ♥ (Yay!)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Etsy Returns!

That's right! Etsy returns with a few more shops items to keep an eye out for... at least what I think you should keep your eye out for ;P

First of all, I will admit that yes she is an old friend of mine from back in the years (lol I sound old XD)
Anyways, she opened an etsy shop selling really super duper cute jewelry!
It's called Phunkey Munkey Creations!

Starting with this awesomely cute Raphael... To this super hot cluster ring!

And also teeheehee I'm cheating again, but her other Etsy shop that she shares with her mum I believe?

Beautifully handcrafted rings, clips, combs, and tiaras! Wanna see the tiara? Go check on the site then! XP

I'm only sharing a knick of what they really have :)
She does all kinds of custom jewelry including earrings, tiaras, hair flowers and accessories, necklaces and bracelets. You can always contact her to ask for custom jewelry.

"What I do that is special, well, I don't stick to one precise style, like for example many just create bridal accessories or maybe make only retro style items. I make everything that my mind thinks of :) I have hair accessories, jewelery, toys, and soon to come masks :) It's a shop of variety in a way :)"
           -Anna - Phunkey Munkey & I Do's designer and creator

Now Has anyone seen DDK's newest blog post?? GOTTA CHECK IT OUT! it will explain as of why I am posting the link here :P

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Commission #1 Review

Now I know I should be listing a whole bunch of people so i will start posting starting with the one I know from experience


She is the Owner and Costume Designer and Seamstress of Southern California's True Enchantment Entertainment. She has made the amazingly wonderful costumes. I mean seriously! Check these out!!

And right now she is currently taking Commission orders for Decorated shoes and Bags! She has tested a few bags out and also made a couple pairs of shoes thus far. Here are a few shots of each.

Here are some bags that she has made as well! Don't tell me they aren't adorable and awesome!

And look at this adorable Child's Apron!

So Seriously if you really want great quality products like bags, shoes, costumes, etc contact Lisa through True Enchantment Entertainment's website.

There you go! The first review! :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Disney Gods are Smiling at Me

I am so happy!!
My Pocahontas costume is being finished today in Spain by the marvelous Ariel!! Pics are on my Facebook "Stephanie Sandmeier" page. Here's a few thus far :)

Once I put the order down for the wig and style it a bit (challenge I'm willing to take on) then the makeup tests and photo shoots will happen. And I will be posted as a character for birthday parties!! (EEP!)

Speaking of Birthday Parties, I received a call from another company I applied for down here in San Diego and possibly have a Mulan performance!! >W< STOKED! Most likely since I don't have the money to put down for a costume right now the company will be providing me with the Mulan dress. Just depends on which dress right now. Once I have the money to pay off: My Disneyland AP, credit card, school, and rent. I will then be able to put money down for a Mulan costume (if the one they provide me isn't up for grabs) teeheehee I'm like a little girl on Christmas Day! Things are finally looking up for me right now! >W<

First day at my Retail job is tomorrow!! I hope it goes well! >W< Really want to keep this job and get the Disney one along with the character jobs! Will stick with online classes for now until I have to take the lab classes. Thus far it seems like I only need to take a Science lab and a Health lab (thank goodness).

Now, if you live in Southern California and would like to make reservations for a Pocahontas or Mulan, please e-mail me here at and I will help you from there :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Re: Updates

hahaha I titled this as a response to what has been posted prior in the "Friendship: updates" post. So~ here we go!

UPDATE: Clean, clear, and almost under control :D YAY!

I have a job at Papaya and they are naming me 'Kim' since there is another Stephanie in the dept.

Have an interview with one of the party companies this week (YAY!)

Went to see Toy Story 3 at Disney's El Capitan Theatre yesterday for the 4pm show and it was an AMAZING movie! I also can't wait for Tron and Tangled. >W<

I was unable to go to the Jodi Benson concert in San Diego. It was my birthday present given to me in July. The post before this one explains what happened. I'm crushed as a human being and an super fan of Jodi Benson.

I have made friends online and am actually hoping to work with a couple if I get the birthday party job :)

After one week in the online classes I have found that it's still not as easy as I would have hoped for them to be, but at least I have taken the first and second baby steps in the road to my AA: getting in classes and doing the work on time.

I haven't been working out since I've been so sore XP Modeling is a tough job and I guess when you miss out on the first opportunity then good luck with other opps.

Will be at Disneyland on Thursday for my bf's brother's birthday and will put money down for a Premium Annual Pass.

Oh yes, and Pocahontas is looking good!!

Thank you so much Ariel!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jodi Benson and Car Accidents

For my birthday my boyfriend gave me two Champagne seat tickets to Jodi Benson's concert for tonight. I cried when I saw them and was so happy. I spent all today and last night looking for makeup styles and what not for tonight. I was so happy and excited. I finally found something to wear and we were ready!

We got on the freeway, traffic. That's alright we left hecka early so we can park and sit without problems and maybe getting a chance to sneak a peak at Jodi :)
After probably 5 minutes (5mins) in traffic and wham! from the back. The first thing I said was "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" I knew it was going to be bad. We pulled over with the guy following. We moved up a bit more and he pulled out saying "You're ok" and waved while he sped away moving in and out of traffic. Now, Kieran was hit before and it was a hit-and-run as well that sucked $8k from him. We were both pissed and wanted this guy's head on a plate so we chased. Finally we were side by side with him and said "Pull the F888 over" He did and that's all I remember. I called 9-1-1 and was going crazy (how else am I supposed to react?! I just got hit by a jackass!) We got his info and as much as I wanted him to stay until cops came, he left (Ass).
Called 9-1-1 probably around 5:15pm. I didn't get another call until 15mins later saying there's someone coming. We sat there, tow truck got there before the cops (go figure) and had to leave since we were waiting for the cops luckily he left us his cell when we were ready.

FINALLY around 5:52 I got a call saying they were on their way. (that's what they told me 30mins before) i gave them a call 10mins later asking where they were and they said they were out for 10mins. (Sounds about right)

Around 6:30 they finally showed up. The driver came out and yelled at us saying how our car was in great shape and why we didn't just get off the freeway (Uh... because everyone told us not to, jackass) and blaming us for all of the accident that were behind us since those people were looking at and slowing down (uh... behind us? How the hell does that makes sense?!) And basically should have just said "You are dumbasses for not knowing that fluid shit is from the AC, now get the fuck off the freeway" Seriously just save us all the damn time and just be up front! If you are going to be an asshole go through with it and not half ass it.

When we got off the freeway we were lucky to deal with the partner and not the jackass. I was half tempted to ask the partner "Is he always an asshole?" But I'm smarter than that XD He was nice and did give us a scold "You shouldn't have chased him; You never know who you are dealing with. He could have just killed his wife for all you know" It made sense and he understood even more when Kieran told him what happened and what has happened to him. They marked the bitch as a Hit-and-Run and that jackface will be getting a letter. >:D

We were unable to see Jodi Benson and holy crap I never cried that much in a long long time. Surprisingly my makeup was still in mint condition and we were all surprised by that! When we got back home Kieran took pictures of me before I took off all the stuff. Going to post those soon enough.

I love Jodi Benson very very much and have seen her as my childhood idol since I saw The Little Mermaid. She's the only original princess I refused to dress up as for Halloween because she was like an angel and I couldn't compare. I was dressed in Ariel colored theme and makeup was based off of water. I've heard the "Oh No! I'm sorry!" I really want to meet her with all my heart! What did I do when I saw World of Color at the Fan Premiere?? CRY! What do I have? Cds from the Broadway show, tv series, The Little Mermaid Trilogy boxed set. pez, pins, pens, bags. holy cow I'm such an Ariel Fan, but I also love Thumbelina. It's not Disney, but it's still her voice :)

Now I'm going to sulk by eating.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friendship & Updates

Where have I been?! Missing. Unpacking, organizing and holy cow did I ever think it would take a few weeks to do that?! :P I didn't think so one bit until I saw everything stuffed in the rooms.
I have things framed and organized, but not quite done yet.
Living in a completely different county made me realize how dependent I am on having many people around and geez it's unhealthy. So far I have figured that so many people I thought were my close friends really weren't, but my closest friends were those who I am far away from, but when we talk it's like nothing changed.
I can never ever think someone is my friend until I know how dependent an trustworthy I can be of them. Can I depend on this person if I had an accident or if I broke down in a city closer to them than anyone else I knew? Come to think of it, I doubt it. Can I count on this person when the most important thing in my life happens and I wanted them to be the first to know? Probably not.
Just because we call each other friends when we are together, does that mean that we are still friends when we are apart? I can't be so sure about it, but I have found out that people will leave when they don't want to be there for you. I have been disappointed more than I can think of, but that doesn't really stop me from meeting people.
I have lost friends, made friends, and rekindled old friendships. I believe the moment that friendship is rekindled that's when the love and happiness comes back and that's when you know you are true friends.
When I say "oh T**** is my friend" I have to sometimes think, is she really?
Or when I say "I haven't spoken to A**** that much" do I still call them a friend?
Sometimes yes, but most of the time no. I've learned to think more on who is my friend and how deep is our friendship?


Alright! That's all from my Risu philosophy!

Now! What's been going on??
1) I have finally cleared out the front room, office room, and hallway of my boxes and things so everyone's lifestyle can go back to how they were! (Yay!)
2) I have applied for 10 jobs; I had an interview with Wet Seal (didn't make the cut) and have another at Papaya (fingers crossed!!)
3) I mailed things that I have been planning to mail for about a week yesterday!
4) I have spoken to two birthday companies down here in SD and am waiting for costumes and pictures to show them. Also have to update my Resume for them.
5) Was planning on going to see Toy Story 3 at Disney's El Capitan Theater in Hollywood today, but something terrible happened here so it was a no go. (No worries, everyone's ok now)
6) Unfortunately, I can't make it to my aunt's birthday dinner.
7) I will be going to see Jodi Benson tomorrow evening (YAY!) I have champagne seats and I am looking for make-up tutorials to follow that will make me a bit more noticeable. Wish I had my hair straightener. :/ I wants curly hair!
8) I've made friends online and hoping to see them all tomorrow at the concert (hopefully much more before the performance starts)
9) School starts on Monday and I'm taking health and business classes for a start. My major? BUSINESS MANAGEMENT!! :)
10) Starting to work out so I can get back into modeling! Not sure what type and probably won't do it professionally, but at least I will have pretty pictures of me to gloat about when I am an old goat XD

Monday, August 9, 2010

Unfortunately ...

I have to sell a whole load of my clothing so~ here's the link and I guess comment the blog if you are interested in anything. XD

Paypal only :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gotta Makes the Munniez

I know I spelled Money incorrectly I just find that way funnier and more entertaining, but yes I do need to make money somehow or another.

First I am doing a garage sale at the new place (yay!)

Second I am taking orders to paint/design tees. I have my Earth Day tee as an example and I made one for Traci. I would sell something like my Earth Day tee for $20 and the Traci tee for $10-15 depending on what you want on it. Lol i attempted screen printing, but I rather than use markers and fabric paint. :)

I also make little plush animals out of Tee sleeves! :D I would sell those for $10.

None of these prices include shipping.
I have experience in crochetting hats and scarves (that's all I know how to make right now) As my skill progresses in time I will probably grow the order. I also have some leftover talent in finger knitting with necklaces, bracelets, and belts.

I also bake some really awesome cuppycakes! :D I used to bake goodies for fundraisers like High School trips and AIDS walk. I can make whatever I can find a recipe for. Vegan and regular. Those would vary in prices.

Basically I am laying out my skills and if you are at all interested in any of the above comment below and I will get to you as quickly as I can. :D Many more projects are to come for sure! :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another Rant Blog

Well I guess this is just my public journal. I need to find a way to keep myself sane.

I was told that I'm turning into my mother. Not in the good way, just how I react to things and I guess I don't show appreciation and I don't apologize. I think I do, but I learned one thing, "Don't expect anything otherwise you will be disappointed".
I have been complaining non-stop and I don't notice it until it's too late.
This is how it's going down:
1) My mother has to go to the hospital for surgery (why I will not say)
2) I found out there is a CHANCE I will be able to transfer to another Disney store, if I can I will be working a few hours every few weeks and will be working holidays. My manager has been procrastinating to the point where I have to look for another job. I was informed that I have to find a closer workplace to where I'm moving which is places like Ralphs and Mc Donalds.
3) Moving is really overwhelming because I never knew how much stuff I had until now. What am I going to keep and what am I going to let go of.
4) I just found out that I registered for the wrong semester at the school I'm transferring to. I had to call and ask. I just applied for the right semester so hopefully I will be able to apply for classes and I had to mail in my transcript requests.
5) I got pretty stressed out and now I'm not feeling well at all. I've been having nausea problems and I can't eat, sleep, think, drink. Since I'm so stressed I have been acting up every second I'm breathing and now who I'm moving in with is having second thoughts. I am ruining my life because as everyone has been saying I let things get to me to quickly.


Don't feel bad for me, this is just like a journal entry

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Smooth Away

Ever wonder if the products they show on telecommercials work or not? Those AS SEEN ON TV stuff? Well I was really curious about whether or not this hair removal thing worked or not. I bought Smooth Away lol

Lol yeah seriously I used it once and then lost it. Now that I am packing I stumbled upon it and gave it another go. Dear Doubtful Simon, This stuff really works!

Yes Ladies and gents this is before and after. I'm right-handed so of course I will work on my left arm first. I am very hairy on my arms lol. Now I am doomed because I somehow need my lousy left arm to somehow function the same way my right arm does to rid my righty of it's beastly hair. Dun Dun Dun!!! Yes the adventures of packing seriously lol.

Well Here's the sitch:
Smooth away is formatted with small crystals that create friction to the arm when you use it as directed in circular motion and switch directions every few spins. You have to put pressure on it so that the friction between the smooth away and your arm create enough heat to actually burn the hair off lol.
It's painless because all you feel is the heat building up on your arm. Be careful because of careless me I kept going in a few spots that were already naked and burned some skin off. Not bleeding, not red, not swollen, it's more like you skid on something to create a tear on your epidermis XD
It looks a little dusty afterwards because not only did you burn off hair, you took some skin off. I think it's great because it's probably dirty dead skin cells. Rub some hypoallergenic lotion on your brand new soft-as-a-baby's-bottom skin because it's probably not used to being naked and could react to certain lotions. Yay me! :D I sound somewhat smart!!

That's how you use Smooth Away~ Enjoy. I'm going to start training my lousy lefty to function and work on the righty XD

Friday, July 23, 2010


Today is the day I officially turned in my Soda Fountain uniform at work. It was weird and strange to do so. I was more than happy to turn it in since they are waist high pants and Man-sized shirts lol. I also had to turn in my name tag, but it's alright I got to keep the one with my hometown :) I ALSO had to turn in my swipe card :( Was sad to do that because it was cute and simple :) I asked the lead if I could take a picture and I did :D

Cute right? She was curious as to why I would want to keep it and when she saw the Mo sticker she just said to peel it off and put it on my Commuter Assistance card (SWEET!) I was also bestowed with gifts from some of my fellow CMs (Thanks Everyone!)

It still hasn't hit me to the point of tears (well A Lot of tears at least)but I'm sure it will happen eventually. Otherwise Sweet :D I can't wait to move down there, but it's going to be very very difficult if I don't get the Disney job :/ I am so close to getting the B discount!! >w<

I guess only time will tell.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Birthday

It was so much fun! We went to Disneyland, and I was very much confused as to why we are at a place that I am almost always at. Low and Behold! Club 33! Rayko has been planning this for months and what did I do? SCREW IT ALL UP!! Angry at myself for acting like such a stubborn spoiled little brat/b** I was giving everyone around me a fit and attitude, saying Club 33 wasn't a huge deal and I didn't care and when she said she made reservations months ago I crudely said "I don't believe you" *SLAP IN MY FACE!!* That is what I should have received from how I behaved. She is so sweet she stayed calm and polite throughout the whole thing. I read her card and I was teasing it. It's what I do when I care about something so much. I am like those brutes who make fun of little girls because I like them. She is like my older sister! That's how I defend myself there.

After some food (AMAZING food) Mickey & Pluto came back to visit us repeatedly. I think they "like" Kieran. I was smart enough to hide myself in the corner seat to where it became nearly impossible for them to come in full contact with me. >w<
Club 33 is quiet, relaxing, full of nice and proper people I felt so out of place! I had to ask Rayko which fork I use and what to do next etc. I really did enjoy it one I had food and alcohol is my stomach. Before that I had a donut at around 9am? The reservation was at 1:30pm See how much food I had ingested btwn that time? One small thin tortilla wrap. I'm seriously like a baby when I don't have food in my stomach; I bring everyone pain and misery. Do I do it intentionally? No. Why do I do such a thing? I have no fucking clue!

This weekend definitely was a huge punch in the gut, I need to grow up and act like a damn adult, but I don't know how to, I don't know where to start! I don't know who to look up to as an example to base my growing up as. I may probably seem insane and really stupid, But I'm serious!

How do you grow up when your childhood never existed?

Someone answer that and give me something and/or someone to base it off of. I am not a party girl, I actually lose respect of people when I see them drunk. I'm not a crazy girl in the I need to be chained down sort of way. I'm a crazy girl who subconsciously thinks she 5 years old and doesn't want to grow up to be one of the billions of people who are absolute pricks or whore. I live in Hollywood, see how difficult it is for me to see people as mature and grown up?

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July & Contest Entry!

I would LOVE to have this clock and it's the BEST thing that would happen to me this year!!

4th of July here in Los Angeles is the WORST day EVER! So many people crowded like crazy, drunk people everywhere, cops are surrounding and pulling people over just cuz of hunches. luckily i was never pulled over, but the fact that people use today as just another excuse to get drunk and f** around isn't fun :( It gives me a headache.
I'm just one of those people who are quickly affected by their surroundings.
I went to work at 9am (after working until 1am the previous shift) and the whole time I was grumbling in my tummy wondering if they would let me finish work early, but nope. There was a barbecue in the middle of my shift and when i finished, my bf called me a traitor so I decided to ditch the free bbq food that I was craving for and go to my friend's bbq. It started late, there was a rugby ball that almost hit me in the face (thanks Daniel for saving my life) and I was grumpy :(
I guess when you have a true sugar crash it's the most depressing moment ever!! Luckily I met a few awesome people, saw a cute puppy poodle, and had lots of food and sweets! <3 Now back to work in a few hrs.

6 days until I'm 21 years old!!!! :D


If you aren't doing anything July 10th and are in L.A. ish area. Head out to Knotts Berry Farm around 12pm and rock out with Dig Jelly!! All you gotta do is pay for admission to the park, it's a filming for a show and Patti LaBelle is going to be there. We are going to be working with the band's new look and I'm excited to show you guys what Dig Jelly has become!!
But for now just check out their current site
and watch their videos on Youtube at their channel. :D

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Darn!! So Close!!

For eight years if not more my neighbor's douchebag brother keeps stealing our parking spot. We have three cars, this lady doesn't; we live here, he doesn't; we have only one spot. This guy has the nerve to tell us that he (who doesn't live there and only visits once a week) owns that spot?? HAHAHA I don't think so.

After so much feud about it being our spot we told our manager/ land lord and all he does is move his car out so that bitch can move his car in. I love our manager and his family. We have been family for YEARS!! I am not going to let him be a bitch and move his spot if legally he doesn't have to.

Last week my dad threatened to call the cops if he took our spot one more time. When my mom left to visit her friend the guy moved his car into our spot. When I got home my dad told me this and we both agreed we have been fed up (even though I rather mustard up a GIANT swastika on his car)

I called 3-1-1 and they forwarded me to Parking enforcement at 6:37pm. When I spoke to them they said they would have cars out here in a little bit. It's now 7:07pm and I received a call saying I have to call 2-1-1 to report a resident violation. WTF? It took them a half hour to tell me to call another number?? FAIL!!

I went out to check for the bitch's car so I can take down his info while he was still down there, but I guess between the time I went to give my mum her phone to when I got back to my apt, he left the spot. DAMMIT!! I was so fucking close to getting his ass in the city. I think he is planning on staying overnight so if I see him walk back to the neighbor's apt, I'm definitely gonna call 2-1-1 and tell them to get their ass over here and work on this eight-year feud. I definitely want this shit solved and done with before I move.

He is such a F*** Jerkoff as well! He yells at us all the time DEMANDING us to move our car out of his spot! Excuse me? What a joke! Now he DEMANDS the manager to move HIS car out of the garage. THE MANAGER!! The guy who should have kicked out that lady YEARS ago for abusing residential rules that she signed on contract!! I hate it when the guys in charge get too soft. XP

ANYWAYS~ On a good note! My last day at work will be July 20th and my first day at the new job will hopefully be Aug 23rd. :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oh Hannah Montana

I was watching a "Hannah Montana" episode where Hannah confuses her kid fans with her likes and dislikes. Yeah right like kids are really going to stop following her every move. I was watching an episode of "The Replacements" where the main girl was turned into the popular "it" girl. She wanted everyone to do what they wanted, but found out that what they wanted to do was follow her.
Hey Miley! You just screwed the rest of the population with your rebellious attitude. If little girls are gonna dress up like little mini-Miley-whores and the amount of pedophiles will increase. all thanks to you. you couldn't wait until after Hannah Montana was done to perform in your panties. *sigh* This society is SCREWED!!
Gonna start getting my boxes put together to move, then I'm gonna go to work and figure out what my transfer plan is. :) EXCITING!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Aww~ C'MON!!

Seriously? Everyone I want to go to Disneyland with are all going during my work week!!! Do I have to wake up SUPER early to just go for a few hours just to hang out?? WHYYYY!! hahaha It's just insane crazy now at work and I'm not complaining too much. I guess I have the power to take a day off, it will just effect me in the long run.

What is coming up?
Well~ I have tickets to go see "In the Heights" but I don't know if Kieran or Jane will be going with me. Kieran isn't a fan of musicals, but doesn't want me to go by myself. It's on a Monday night so~ I don't know~.
and? My 21st Birthday Celebration!!! :D So far, a lot of people said they were coming, but usually half of that actually shows up. doesn't really surprise me either since I am still contemplating whether or not I will be serving alcohol. Everyone is telling me to go clubbing and to the bars and take the shots and drink whatever people buy you, but I'm not into clubs and bars, never was. I'm also allergic to certain alcohol. I might just have drink blends but not hard liquor. We'll see.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


With Guest Judge Patti LaBelle
July 10
12:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Knott's Boardwalk Ballroom

The Next Great Drummer competition is currently touring nationwide at Sam Ash Music Stores, a family owned chain since 1924. The finale’ competition will take place at Knotts Berry Farm on July 10, 2010 to benefit the Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Organization. Next Great Drummer provides a safe, yet fun forum for all ages to display their drum skills and network with other drum professionals and peers. Contestants are judged by award-winning drummers and music producers, who offer constructive criticism to encourage and inspire growth. Drum-off show is included with regular admission and will take place in Knott's Boardwalk Ballroom.

Why did I just re-post what is said on Knott's? Because Dig Jelly will be playing!! Why does that matter? Because I will be there! The next day is my birthday so I guess this will be an early birthday celebration! Join me and my buddies ... and Patti LaBelle at the coolest event of my summer!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


First of all, I am posting the clock below which links to a fantastic blog cuz I really wanna win the clock!!

Now, before i run off to work (busy busy busy) I wanted to say a few things about work from last night.
1) Some people can be SUPER BUTTFACES! Not going to mention who, but I will definitely say that with so much confidence.

2) I Heart Vampires is a really good web-series that you have to watch. Why do I say that? Because I watch it when I have the time to watch it and the actor who plays 'Nick', Josh Nuncio, is really nice. Kinda felt bad for talking to him when his family was in town. If I knew that the 'visit' I would have kept the chat short so he could spend that much more time with the family. I think I looked like a fool when I told the rest of the staff who he was because no one seemed to have known what the show was. I'm not a Twilight fan, not really a fan of anything. I just watch and observe things. hahaha It's great to know that not all the celebs in the world are super stuck up and conceited.

3) Don't get microwaveable pasta/rice/meal. They end up smelling like barf and tasting like something you wish you never put into your mouth.

and finally 4) Baby Fart soup actually tastes decent with crackers.

Alright well I am going to get ready for work. xoxo!!

Monday, June 21, 2010


So~ yesterday was - I believe - worse than the day prior. My head was swollen where I had impact with the trash compactor (tale in previous blog entry) and a headache that took out one of my eyes for 3 hrs decided to visit. Being where I was (at work) made me think, "Should I fill out a worker's injury report?" So when my manager wasn't running around with much speed and stress I told him my situation and asked for some advice and he said to fill out the report. It was very difficult to work my 6hr shift since all there happened to be was the loud, bright, high motioned atmosphere I was working in. Agony!! Did I think about using pain killers? I was actually afraid it would do more damage than good with how I eat (not much)
Oh! Just noticed! Yesterday was Father's Day! Maybe that's why it was so stinking crowded and busy! Sorry dad. Major disappointment yesterday than, but he did say something that I should get used to saying, "I don't expect things so I wouldn't be disappointed." Such brilliant words! I usually say that as well especially for my birthday parties; although last year's party was much more successful than my 19th birthday party. Hazzah! So hopefully this summer my birthday will be a hit! I finalized my plans, but never asked the manager at the apt if it's alright to take over the back for a BBQ. They are a family friend so I am sure it won't be a problem.

Well today is another work day and hopefully my headache will go away and my bump will vanish. Thank goodness for bangs though.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Today's Adventure!!

At work it was INSANE! I haven't been back at my original location for so long that I forgot how difficult it is to re-stock! It was constantly busy because of an event and when I had low blood sugar my co's noticed :P I felt woozy and dizzy and thought I was gonna faint, I can't really say that anymore since I do know how it feels to pass out. I have a witness!
When I went to take out the trash it was the WORST TIME EVER!! XP Busiest time if you ask me. I forgot the gloves, I couldn't find our giant rolly dumpster that makes taking trash to the trash compactor so much easier, but epic.
It was hot, the alley was crowded, and I was struggling to take an approximate total of 50+lbs to the compactor. Being the kind of person I am, I wasn't paying very much attention to my surrounding as I threw the bags from my tiny rolly trash can to the compactor I hit my head on the corner of the compactor! T_T Epic pain but luckily with the crowds coming down the alley I was able to sit there getting a nice tan and cooling off for 10mins. When I got back to where I found the trash can the door was closed - mind you when the door is closed I am locked out. I had to go all the way around the building to open the darn door open to bring in the trash can. My head felt like it was swelling a tiny bit so I asked a few of my co's whether or not they see something to the part of my forehead I hit my head. Apparently they did see a red boo-boo and luckily I was able to cover it with my hair (yay for bangs btw)

Things I have learned today:
1) Keep a distance from you and the corner of a trash compactor when throwing trash into it (it gets irritated)

2) If you haven't had hearty (i.e. sloppy joe status) food in a while, be cautious when eating it again and take Peptol Bismol or Tums afterwards. You will bloat.

3) Always have makeup handy in case you do get bonked on the head

4) Eat before your shift, during your breaks, and after the shift. Always stay hydrated.

5) Summer sucks in Los Angeles and Disneyland XP

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blogging about... ETSY!!

Yay!! I haven't checked out Etsy for the longest time and was doing some jewelry research. I love cute things and I have found 6 shops with super cute things!! Here we go~

Hard Plastic Rock Candy Glitter Kitsch Glam Sparkle Pop

HPRCGKGSP (what a name!) Anyways~ They have SUPER CUTE Jewelry!! Bright colors, Huge pendants, and this is great!
Candy Necklaces! Rainbow Bracelets! More Cute Rainbow Necklaces!

You would never think Cute things like this would exist! The products are sorta pricey, but with all that labor in the details I think it is fair.

Octopus/Squid and Shark Hats. Are Hilarious. Not to mention the guy who is modeling them XD

Really Relaxed style of Art on your laptop, pendants, etc. It kinda says in the image above.

Cute Vintage Dresses and Accessories! The same girl who has the makeup line "SugarPill"
Here's one dress that she made and it's super duper cute!!!

Cute Stickers, Cute Paper, CUTE CUTE CUTE!! It's like Anime Fan Girl World for the Win!! :D

Alright! Cute things on Etsy for the win! :D I guess that's all I'll post about for the time being. I'm going to work now yay! :D Hm... Hungry :/ Damn Phineas & Ferb making a frozen yogurt machine T_T