Saturday, August 28, 2010

Re: Updates

hahaha I titled this as a response to what has been posted prior in the "Friendship: updates" post. So~ here we go!

UPDATE: Clean, clear, and almost under control :D YAY!

I have a job at Papaya and they are naming me 'Kim' since there is another Stephanie in the dept.

Have an interview with one of the party companies this week (YAY!)

Went to see Toy Story 3 at Disney's El Capitan Theatre yesterday for the 4pm show and it was an AMAZING movie! I also can't wait for Tron and Tangled. >W<

I was unable to go to the Jodi Benson concert in San Diego. It was my birthday present given to me in July. The post before this one explains what happened. I'm crushed as a human being and an super fan of Jodi Benson.

I have made friends online and am actually hoping to work with a couple if I get the birthday party job :)

After one week in the online classes I have found that it's still not as easy as I would have hoped for them to be, but at least I have taken the first and second baby steps in the road to my AA: getting in classes and doing the work on time.

I haven't been working out since I've been so sore XP Modeling is a tough job and I guess when you miss out on the first opportunity then good luck with other opps.

Will be at Disneyland on Thursday for my bf's brother's birthday and will put money down for a Premium Annual Pass.

Oh yes, and Pocahontas is looking good!!

Thank you so much Ariel!!

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