Saturday, September 25, 2010


I've been very well!
My official transfer date from Disney's Soda Fountain & Studio Store to The Disney Store is TOMORROW!! >W< My start date is hopefully October 14th-ish?? lol Can't really remember, but I should be going ahead of time to pick up my uniform and schedule etc.

Today I did another party, not a character party, but I managed games. It was fun. I made something simple easy and quick with a short line into the biggest game hit! XD
"It's a TIE!! Do you guys wanna split the tickets or go for 12? Double or Nothing! Winner Takes All!" lol it really caught everyone's attention! I think...
The record placed in ties would be these two boys who tied 11 times in a row!! >W< 66 tickets was given to the winner XD It was insane!! I was given a lollipop by a little girl who was so sweet!! It was great to meet the rest of the staff of SDKPR and hopefully I can work with them even more! :)

Working at the clothing store I do really keeps me busy even for four hours a day. I wake up in the morning to go to work, on my way to or from I pick up a drink from Juice It Up (Great place! btw)Super nice guy there who likes to chat with everyone and anyone there. And they play SWITCHFOOT where I go! SWITCHFOOT! I love switchfoot lol. I almost started to sing the first time I was there XD I think the man is a Christian guy.

I've been getting a ton of hints to give church another try but I don't know how to go about that when the people I live with are not interested in religion. I could care less about the congregation, I'm just there to listen to what they have to translate from the Bible. I'm curious. I do have a belief of a higher being, fate, afterlife, etc. I'm not crazy with it though. We'll see. Maybe I'll just keep in touch with people and listen to radio sermons or online things.

I've received three Commission orders!! :D
One for photo editing, and possibly a photoshoot! :D
Another a set of headbands! >W<
Finally a hat!
I'm so happy this is all happening to me!
I am also building a portfolio of photo edits to submit to a talent agency I've known for three years! >W< So happy! Things seem to be looking up for me, but I will not say for sure because you never know when the table will turn, right?

Adam Lambert

First off, I know he's gay and I honestly could care less. Music, style, and art don't discriminate. He has amazing artistic taste in makeup, fashion, and show it through his music videos!

I mean seriously. His music video of "If I Had You" He has a friggin RAVE in the forest setting! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! SUPER!

The lighting in this shot is AMAZING, the spots where the band are positioned is perfect! and his makeup is AWESOME! >W< Jealous!
Also has anyone noticed his strut in the beginning and how similar it is to Beyonce's "Video Phone" entrance strut??

Right? I think they are very much with similar power and Diva-ness lol.

I guess that's all on this line!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Today and Contest Entry!

To start off, I am entering in another contest from Drop Dead Kawaii and it's awesome that she has these to impulse her followers to promote and post post post! :D Kudos!

Disneyland today was super fun! We were only there for like 5 1/2 hrs, but it was fun... until I got hungry of course XP

Got to meet Duffy the Bear!! They had an Annual Passholder event.

So much fun! We even got to see merchandise that will not be out until October 14th or so and ALSO got a chance to purchase our very own Duffy the Bear with an option of Sailor outfit (SUPER CUTE!!) What did I do? Beg my boyfriend to buy one teeheehee jk
I also found out the Duffy the Bear that I have from a while ago is retired and worth $$ but because of my Disney heart I am not going to sell him... unless I find a better softer one.

When we returned to Disneyland afterwards who was out in front?? ARIEL!!! What did I do? Take a picture with her, my boyfriend, and Duffy! As we were almost at the front of Ariel's line who else decided to join in the fun?? BELLE!! Hellz yeah! It was totally lucky! After we took pictures with Ariel, we jumped into Belle's line! I noticed they didn't have any CMs there to help them out, luckily it seemed as though they were able to manage :D
We decided to line up at the Haunted Mansion and guess who was at their spot? Princess Jasmine and Aladdin! Friggin awesome! Especially after watching the trilogy not to long ago. >W< So I ran into that line and go to take a pic with them!! Pics hopefully coming up soon. :D

Today was a good day. Bought one of those "Learn to Draw" books Princess Edition at Company D since it was 50% off. >:3

Friday, September 17, 2010

Shout Out!! ♥ Series #1

First off, I'm SOOOOOO Happy for my friend Chelsea who has made it to Disneyland Hong Kong as a performer!!!
Her life is starting fresh and is packed with adventures just waiting to happen!! Please support the awesomeness by following her new Blog! She auditioned months ago while in Orlando and after a long time of waiting, she got the ok to fly to China! I'm so proud of her! She's energetic, loving, patient, and a definite Disney Fan!

Second, Helen!! :D
She's a Disney Cosplayer for life and has been known as Drizella (Cinderella), Pocahontas, Princess Jasmine, Ariel, Belle, and just recently as Charlotte (Princess and the Frog)
Like many cosplayers, she has made most of her costumes by hand along with styling the wigs. She's currently constructing wings for her Tinker Bell costume - From Scratch!
You can check out more pictures of her cosplay on her Deviant Art profile.
Isn't her smile spot on??

3) My biggest fan (according to FB) Mia!!
She's so sweet and friendly. Friends with a lot of cosplayers. Also she seems to be a cosplayer as well. Her Rosetta costume is currently under construction and the fabric and wings pattern are looking so well so far! She always seems excited about news and when we are in the process of building something. I recently posted pics from my first Mulan gig and the excitement really inspires me to continue and move ahead. I find support key to getting ahead and she's my #1 gal pal!

So those are my 3 current girls that I wanted to throw a shout out to! They are all Disney fans, caring, and wonderful girls!

I love you three! ♥♥

Crazy Adventures! ♥

Yes I have had some crazy adventures just working lol.
First off I would like to thank Jennifer Ellison for hooking me up with a Mulan gig for San Diego Kids Party Rental. It wasn't a Mulan costume, but it was a traditional Chinese dress.

The birthday girl's cake was so cute! It had a picture of Mulan and it said Happy Birthday *****. Not sure if I'm authorized or have permission to be posting of the birthday girl's face so I am not.
I did all that I could. What did I do? Sit and talk to the children, hold paint while they painted their umbrellas, watch them eat, spar a few (3-1 isn't fair btw), and sang ♫"Reflection"♫ at the end. When the song was over I was talking to the mother and by the time we were done talking I saw the birthday girl in the pool! I went in knowing she was the Camp Rock type of girl and not too much the princessy kind so it was alright. The mother really enjoyed the performance and was more than happy to put in a good word for me for future references! Fantastic! I'm so relieved and happy it went well! And I'm very thankful for Jennifer to go with me and make all those balloon swords and mermaids!

Next! Working at a clothing store! It is quite the experience and I'm learning a bit more about fashion now that I'm working at a women clothing store. We are always getting in new shipment and things are moving around quite a bit.
There are mothers who have ADHD children that enjoy crawling under the door to see other women change, run into walls and slam their heads on the chairs. -__- usually those are the same mothers who try on 30 things and leave them all in the dressing room or just not taking any of them. I think those are secret shoppers, but they are still buttmunchers. :P

Also on my way home from work yesterday I stopped over by Trader Joe's to pick things up and I saw a woman in her car talking to her kids. When I came back to my car the woman was gone (probably shopping) and her kids were all over the driver's seat pushing buttons and using the windshield wipers using up all the fluid and blasting the radio♫ really loud. This car was in front of mine, mind you. So when I got to my car and another lady left (tale after this) I stared at the boys surprised and in "WTF?" mode. They noticed, lowered the radio, turned off the windshield wipers and sat in their seats like good boys. XD HILARIOUS!

Now the lady that parked next to my car as I was walking towards it:
She gets out of her car, looks at mine (specifically the note I taped on the back) and laughed. When she saw me approach my car she said "I had a small car like that too; you have a funny sign" XD I told her i get a lot of people asking me if i want to sell my car (which i don't, thank you very much) so a stuck a sign on my rear windshield saying "This car is NOT for sale; stop asking!!" XD HILARIOUS!!

OH! forgot to mention! I made a headband~

Cute right?

I also made purple shells so it is supposed to look like Ariel's shells floating on the Sea (funny when you think about it) unfortunately the shells look like a fail bow XD

What do you think?

Yes I do make these for fun and also take commissions. They aren't pricey one bit due to the fact that I am not a pro at crochet, but good enough to make these. :) You can always comment here or e-mail me at if you are interested.
Just send me an e-mail with your name, zip code, what color yarn, and what you want on it. I'll then give you an estimate and we can work from there ♥ (Yay!)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Etsy Returns!

That's right! Etsy returns with a few more shops items to keep an eye out for... at least what I think you should keep your eye out for ;P

First of all, I will admit that yes she is an old friend of mine from back in the years (lol I sound old XD)
Anyways, she opened an etsy shop selling really super duper cute jewelry!
It's called Phunkey Munkey Creations!

Starting with this awesomely cute Raphael... To this super hot cluster ring!

And also teeheehee I'm cheating again, but her other Etsy shop that she shares with her mum I believe?

Beautifully handcrafted rings, clips, combs, and tiaras! Wanna see the tiara? Go check on the site then! XP

I'm only sharing a knick of what they really have :)
She does all kinds of custom jewelry including earrings, tiaras, hair flowers and accessories, necklaces and bracelets. You can always contact her to ask for custom jewelry.

"What I do that is special, well, I don't stick to one precise style, like for example many just create bridal accessories or maybe make only retro style items. I make everything that my mind thinks of :) I have hair accessories, jewelery, toys, and soon to come masks :) It's a shop of variety in a way :)"
           -Anna - Phunkey Munkey & I Do's designer and creator

Now Has anyone seen DDK's newest blog post?? GOTTA CHECK IT OUT! it will explain as of why I am posting the link here :P

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Commission #1 Review

Now I know I should be listing a whole bunch of people so i will start posting starting with the one I know from experience


She is the Owner and Costume Designer and Seamstress of Southern California's True Enchantment Entertainment. She has made the amazingly wonderful costumes. I mean seriously! Check these out!!

And right now she is currently taking Commission orders for Decorated shoes and Bags! She has tested a few bags out and also made a couple pairs of shoes thus far. Here are a few shots of each.

Here are some bags that she has made as well! Don't tell me they aren't adorable and awesome!

And look at this adorable Child's Apron!

So Seriously if you really want great quality products like bags, shoes, costumes, etc contact Lisa through True Enchantment Entertainment's website.

There you go! The first review! :)