Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another Rant Blog

Well I guess this is just my public journal. I need to find a way to keep myself sane.

I was told that I'm turning into my mother. Not in the good way, just how I react to things and I guess I don't show appreciation and I don't apologize. I think I do, but I learned one thing, "Don't expect anything otherwise you will be disappointed".
I have been complaining non-stop and I don't notice it until it's too late.
This is how it's going down:
1) My mother has to go to the hospital for surgery (why I will not say)
2) I found out there is a CHANCE I will be able to transfer to another Disney store, if I can I will be working a few hours every few weeks and will be working holidays. My manager has been procrastinating to the point where I have to look for another job. I was informed that I have to find a closer workplace to where I'm moving which is places like Ralphs and Mc Donalds.
3) Moving is really overwhelming because I never knew how much stuff I had until now. What am I going to keep and what am I going to let go of.
4) I just found out that I registered for the wrong semester at the school I'm transferring to. I had to call and ask. I just applied for the right semester so hopefully I will be able to apply for classes and I had to mail in my transcript requests.
5) I got pretty stressed out and now I'm not feeling well at all. I've been having nausea problems and I can't eat, sleep, think, drink. Since I'm so stressed I have been acting up every second I'm breathing and now who I'm moving in with is having second thoughts. I am ruining my life because as everyone has been saying I let things get to me to quickly.


Don't feel bad for me, this is just like a journal entry

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Smooth Away

Ever wonder if the products they show on telecommercials work or not? Those AS SEEN ON TV stuff? Well I was really curious about whether or not this hair removal thing worked or not. I bought Smooth Away lol

Lol yeah seriously I used it once and then lost it. Now that I am packing I stumbled upon it and gave it another go. Dear Doubtful Simon, This stuff really works!

Yes Ladies and gents this is before and after. I'm right-handed so of course I will work on my left arm first. I am very hairy on my arms lol. Now I am doomed because I somehow need my lousy left arm to somehow function the same way my right arm does to rid my righty of it's beastly hair. Dun Dun Dun!!! Yes the adventures of packing seriously lol.

Well Here's the sitch:
Smooth away is formatted with small crystals that create friction to the arm when you use it as directed in circular motion and switch directions every few spins. You have to put pressure on it so that the friction between the smooth away and your arm create enough heat to actually burn the hair off lol.
It's painless because all you feel is the heat building up on your arm. Be careful because of careless me I kept going in a few spots that were already naked and burned some skin off. Not bleeding, not red, not swollen, it's more like you skid on something to create a tear on your epidermis XD
It looks a little dusty afterwards because not only did you burn off hair, you took some skin off. I think it's great because it's probably dirty dead skin cells. Rub some hypoallergenic lotion on your brand new soft-as-a-baby's-bottom skin because it's probably not used to being naked and could react to certain lotions. Yay me! :D I sound somewhat smart!!

That's how you use Smooth Away~ Enjoy. I'm going to start training my lousy lefty to function and work on the righty XD

Friday, July 23, 2010


Today is the day I officially turned in my Soda Fountain uniform at work. It was weird and strange to do so. I was more than happy to turn it in since they are waist high pants and Man-sized shirts lol. I also had to turn in my name tag, but it's alright I got to keep the one with my hometown :) I ALSO had to turn in my swipe card :( Was sad to do that because it was cute and simple :) I asked the lead if I could take a picture and I did :D

Cute right? She was curious as to why I would want to keep it and when she saw the Mo sticker she just said to peel it off and put it on my Commuter Assistance card (SWEET!) I was also bestowed with gifts from some of my fellow CMs (Thanks Everyone!)

It still hasn't hit me to the point of tears (well A Lot of tears at least)but I'm sure it will happen eventually. Otherwise Sweet :D I can't wait to move down there, but it's going to be very very difficult if I don't get the Disney job :/ I am so close to getting the B discount!! >w<

I guess only time will tell.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Birthday

It was so much fun! We went to Disneyland, and I was very much confused as to why we are at a place that I am almost always at. Low and Behold! Club 33! Rayko has been planning this for months and what did I do? SCREW IT ALL UP!! Angry at myself for acting like such a stubborn spoiled little brat/b** I was giving everyone around me a fit and attitude, saying Club 33 wasn't a huge deal and I didn't care and when she said she made reservations months ago I crudely said "I don't believe you" *SLAP IN MY FACE!!* That is what I should have received from how I behaved. She is so sweet she stayed calm and polite throughout the whole thing. I read her card and I was teasing it. It's what I do when I care about something so much. I am like those brutes who make fun of little girls because I like them. She is like my older sister! That's how I defend myself there.

After some food (AMAZING food) Mickey & Pluto came back to visit us repeatedly. I think they "like" Kieran. I was smart enough to hide myself in the corner seat to where it became nearly impossible for them to come in full contact with me. >w<
Club 33 is quiet, relaxing, full of nice and proper people I felt so out of place! I had to ask Rayko which fork I use and what to do next etc. I really did enjoy it one I had food and alcohol is my stomach. Before that I had a donut at around 9am? The reservation was at 1:30pm See how much food I had ingested btwn that time? One small thin tortilla wrap. I'm seriously like a baby when I don't have food in my stomach; I bring everyone pain and misery. Do I do it intentionally? No. Why do I do such a thing? I have no fucking clue!

This weekend definitely was a huge punch in the gut, I need to grow up and act like a damn adult, but I don't know how to, I don't know where to start! I don't know who to look up to as an example to base my growing up as. I may probably seem insane and really stupid, But I'm serious!

How do you grow up when your childhood never existed?

Someone answer that and give me something and/or someone to base it off of. I am not a party girl, I actually lose respect of people when I see them drunk. I'm not a crazy girl in the I need to be chained down sort of way. I'm a crazy girl who subconsciously thinks she 5 years old and doesn't want to grow up to be one of the billions of people who are absolute pricks or whore. I live in Hollywood, see how difficult it is for me to see people as mature and grown up?

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July & Contest Entry!

I would LOVE to have this clock and it's the BEST thing that would happen to me this year!!

4th of July here in Los Angeles is the WORST day EVER! So many people crowded like crazy, drunk people everywhere, cops are surrounding and pulling people over just cuz of hunches. luckily i was never pulled over, but the fact that people use today as just another excuse to get drunk and f** around isn't fun :( It gives me a headache.
I'm just one of those people who are quickly affected by their surroundings.
I went to work at 9am (after working until 1am the previous shift) and the whole time I was grumbling in my tummy wondering if they would let me finish work early, but nope. There was a barbecue in the middle of my shift and when i finished, my bf called me a traitor so I decided to ditch the free bbq food that I was craving for and go to my friend's bbq. It started late, there was a rugby ball that almost hit me in the face (thanks Daniel for saving my life) and I was grumpy :(
I guess when you have a true sugar crash it's the most depressing moment ever!! Luckily I met a few awesome people, saw a cute puppy poodle, and had lots of food and sweets! <3 Now back to work in a few hrs.

6 days until I'm 21 years old!!!! :D


If you aren't doing anything July 10th and are in L.A. ish area. Head out to Knotts Berry Farm around 12pm and rock out with Dig Jelly!! All you gotta do is pay for admission to the park, it's a filming for a show and Patti LaBelle is going to be there. We are going to be working with the band's new look and I'm excited to show you guys what Dig Jelly has become!!
But for now just check out their current site
and watch their videos on Youtube at their channel. :D