Monday, August 30, 2010

The Disney Gods are Smiling at Me

I am so happy!!
My Pocahontas costume is being finished today in Spain by the marvelous Ariel!! Pics are on my Facebook "Stephanie Sandmeier" page. Here's a few thus far :)

Once I put the order down for the wig and style it a bit (challenge I'm willing to take on) then the makeup tests and photo shoots will happen. And I will be posted as a character for birthday parties!! (EEP!)

Speaking of Birthday Parties, I received a call from another company I applied for down here in San Diego and possibly have a Mulan performance!! >W< STOKED! Most likely since I don't have the money to put down for a costume right now the company will be providing me with the Mulan dress. Just depends on which dress right now. Once I have the money to pay off: My Disneyland AP, credit card, school, and rent. I will then be able to put money down for a Mulan costume (if the one they provide me isn't up for grabs) teeheehee I'm like a little girl on Christmas Day! Things are finally looking up for me right now! >W<

First day at my Retail job is tomorrow!! I hope it goes well! >W< Really want to keep this job and get the Disney one along with the character jobs! Will stick with online classes for now until I have to take the lab classes. Thus far it seems like I only need to take a Science lab and a Health lab (thank goodness).

Now, if you live in Southern California and would like to make reservations for a Pocahontas or Mulan, please e-mail me here at and I will help you from there :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Re: Updates

hahaha I titled this as a response to what has been posted prior in the "Friendship: updates" post. So~ here we go!

UPDATE: Clean, clear, and almost under control :D YAY!

I have a job at Papaya and they are naming me 'Kim' since there is another Stephanie in the dept.

Have an interview with one of the party companies this week (YAY!)

Went to see Toy Story 3 at Disney's El Capitan Theatre yesterday for the 4pm show and it was an AMAZING movie! I also can't wait for Tron and Tangled. >W<

I was unable to go to the Jodi Benson concert in San Diego. It was my birthday present given to me in July. The post before this one explains what happened. I'm crushed as a human being and an super fan of Jodi Benson.

I have made friends online and am actually hoping to work with a couple if I get the birthday party job :)

After one week in the online classes I have found that it's still not as easy as I would have hoped for them to be, but at least I have taken the first and second baby steps in the road to my AA: getting in classes and doing the work on time.

I haven't been working out since I've been so sore XP Modeling is a tough job and I guess when you miss out on the first opportunity then good luck with other opps.

Will be at Disneyland on Thursday for my bf's brother's birthday and will put money down for a Premium Annual Pass.

Oh yes, and Pocahontas is looking good!!

Thank you so much Ariel!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jodi Benson and Car Accidents

For my birthday my boyfriend gave me two Champagne seat tickets to Jodi Benson's concert for tonight. I cried when I saw them and was so happy. I spent all today and last night looking for makeup styles and what not for tonight. I was so happy and excited. I finally found something to wear and we were ready!

We got on the freeway, traffic. That's alright we left hecka early so we can park and sit without problems and maybe getting a chance to sneak a peak at Jodi :)
After probably 5 minutes (5mins) in traffic and wham! from the back. The first thing I said was "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" I knew it was going to be bad. We pulled over with the guy following. We moved up a bit more and he pulled out saying "You're ok" and waved while he sped away moving in and out of traffic. Now, Kieran was hit before and it was a hit-and-run as well that sucked $8k from him. We were both pissed and wanted this guy's head on a plate so we chased. Finally we were side by side with him and said "Pull the F888 over" He did and that's all I remember. I called 9-1-1 and was going crazy (how else am I supposed to react?! I just got hit by a jackass!) We got his info and as much as I wanted him to stay until cops came, he left (Ass).
Called 9-1-1 probably around 5:15pm. I didn't get another call until 15mins later saying there's someone coming. We sat there, tow truck got there before the cops (go figure) and had to leave since we were waiting for the cops luckily he left us his cell when we were ready.

FINALLY around 5:52 I got a call saying they were on their way. (that's what they told me 30mins before) i gave them a call 10mins later asking where they were and they said they were out for 10mins. (Sounds about right)

Around 6:30 they finally showed up. The driver came out and yelled at us saying how our car was in great shape and why we didn't just get off the freeway (Uh... because everyone told us not to, jackass) and blaming us for all of the accident that were behind us since those people were looking at and slowing down (uh... behind us? How the hell does that makes sense?!) And basically should have just said "You are dumbasses for not knowing that fluid shit is from the AC, now get the fuck off the freeway" Seriously just save us all the damn time and just be up front! If you are going to be an asshole go through with it and not half ass it.

When we got off the freeway we were lucky to deal with the partner and not the jackass. I was half tempted to ask the partner "Is he always an asshole?" But I'm smarter than that XD He was nice and did give us a scold "You shouldn't have chased him; You never know who you are dealing with. He could have just killed his wife for all you know" It made sense and he understood even more when Kieran told him what happened and what has happened to him. They marked the bitch as a Hit-and-Run and that jackface will be getting a letter. >:D

We were unable to see Jodi Benson and holy crap I never cried that much in a long long time. Surprisingly my makeup was still in mint condition and we were all surprised by that! When we got back home Kieran took pictures of me before I took off all the stuff. Going to post those soon enough.

I love Jodi Benson very very much and have seen her as my childhood idol since I saw The Little Mermaid. She's the only original princess I refused to dress up as for Halloween because she was like an angel and I couldn't compare. I was dressed in Ariel colored theme and makeup was based off of water. I've heard the "Oh No! I'm sorry!" I really want to meet her with all my heart! What did I do when I saw World of Color at the Fan Premiere?? CRY! What do I have? Cds from the Broadway show, tv series, The Little Mermaid Trilogy boxed set. pez, pins, pens, bags. holy cow I'm such an Ariel Fan, but I also love Thumbelina. It's not Disney, but it's still her voice :)

Now I'm going to sulk by eating.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friendship & Updates

Where have I been?! Missing. Unpacking, organizing and holy cow did I ever think it would take a few weeks to do that?! :P I didn't think so one bit until I saw everything stuffed in the rooms.
I have things framed and organized, but not quite done yet.
Living in a completely different county made me realize how dependent I am on having many people around and geez it's unhealthy. So far I have figured that so many people I thought were my close friends really weren't, but my closest friends were those who I am far away from, but when we talk it's like nothing changed.
I can never ever think someone is my friend until I know how dependent an trustworthy I can be of them. Can I depend on this person if I had an accident or if I broke down in a city closer to them than anyone else I knew? Come to think of it, I doubt it. Can I count on this person when the most important thing in my life happens and I wanted them to be the first to know? Probably not.
Just because we call each other friends when we are together, does that mean that we are still friends when we are apart? I can't be so sure about it, but I have found out that people will leave when they don't want to be there for you. I have been disappointed more than I can think of, but that doesn't really stop me from meeting people.
I have lost friends, made friends, and rekindled old friendships. I believe the moment that friendship is rekindled that's when the love and happiness comes back and that's when you know you are true friends.
When I say "oh T**** is my friend" I have to sometimes think, is she really?
Or when I say "I haven't spoken to A**** that much" do I still call them a friend?
Sometimes yes, but most of the time no. I've learned to think more on who is my friend and how deep is our friendship?


Alright! That's all from my Risu philosophy!

Now! What's been going on??
1) I have finally cleared out the front room, office room, and hallway of my boxes and things so everyone's lifestyle can go back to how they were! (Yay!)
2) I have applied for 10 jobs; I had an interview with Wet Seal (didn't make the cut) and have another at Papaya (fingers crossed!!)
3) I mailed things that I have been planning to mail for about a week yesterday!
4) I have spoken to two birthday companies down here in SD and am waiting for costumes and pictures to show them. Also have to update my Resume for them.
5) Was planning on going to see Toy Story 3 at Disney's El Capitan Theater in Hollywood today, but something terrible happened here so it was a no go. (No worries, everyone's ok now)
6) Unfortunately, I can't make it to my aunt's birthday dinner.
7) I will be going to see Jodi Benson tomorrow evening (YAY!) I have champagne seats and I am looking for make-up tutorials to follow that will make me a bit more noticeable. Wish I had my hair straightener. :/ I wants curly hair!
8) I've made friends online and hoping to see them all tomorrow at the concert (hopefully much more before the performance starts)
9) School starts on Monday and I'm taking health and business classes for a start. My major? BUSINESS MANAGEMENT!! :)
10) Starting to work out so I can get back into modeling! Not sure what type and probably won't do it professionally, but at least I will have pretty pictures of me to gloat about when I am an old goat XD

Monday, August 9, 2010

Unfortunately ...

I have to sell a whole load of my clothing so~ here's the link and I guess comment the blog if you are interested in anything. XD

Paypal only :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gotta Makes the Munniez

I know I spelled Money incorrectly I just find that way funnier and more entertaining, but yes I do need to make money somehow or another.

First I am doing a garage sale at the new place (yay!)

Second I am taking orders to paint/design tees. I have my Earth Day tee as an example and I made one for Traci. I would sell something like my Earth Day tee for $20 and the Traci tee for $10-15 depending on what you want on it. Lol i attempted screen printing, but I rather than use markers and fabric paint. :)

I also make little plush animals out of Tee sleeves! :D I would sell those for $10.

None of these prices include shipping.
I have experience in crochetting hats and scarves (that's all I know how to make right now) As my skill progresses in time I will probably grow the order. I also have some leftover talent in finger knitting with necklaces, bracelets, and belts.

I also bake some really awesome cuppycakes! :D I used to bake goodies for fundraisers like High School trips and AIDS walk. I can make whatever I can find a recipe for. Vegan and regular. Those would vary in prices.

Basically I am laying out my skills and if you are at all interested in any of the above comment below and I will get to you as quickly as I can. :D Many more projects are to come for sure! :)