Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gotta Makes the Munniez

I know I spelled Money incorrectly I just find that way funnier and more entertaining, but yes I do need to make money somehow or another.

First I am doing a garage sale at the new place (yay!)

Second I am taking orders to paint/design tees. I have my Earth Day tee as an example and I made one for Traci. I would sell something like my Earth Day tee for $20 and the Traci tee for $10-15 depending on what you want on it. Lol i attempted screen printing, but I rather than use markers and fabric paint. :)

I also make little plush animals out of Tee sleeves! :D I would sell those for $10.

None of these prices include shipping.
I have experience in crochetting hats and scarves (that's all I know how to make right now) As my skill progresses in time I will probably grow the order. I also have some leftover talent in finger knitting with necklaces, bracelets, and belts.

I also bake some really awesome cuppycakes! :D I used to bake goodies for fundraisers like High School trips and AIDS walk. I can make whatever I can find a recipe for. Vegan and regular. Those would vary in prices.

Basically I am laying out my skills and if you are at all interested in any of the above comment below and I will get to you as quickly as I can. :D Many more projects are to come for sure! :)


  1. yes 'munniez' is cuter than 'money' :P

    the cupcakes look soooo good! i want one! i've only ever made one successful batch of cupcakes. i'm not exactly gifted in the kitchen :P

  2. aww if you're a local I would TOTALLY give you a baking tutorial!! :D