Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jodi Benson and Car Accidents

For my birthday my boyfriend gave me two Champagne seat tickets to Jodi Benson's concert for tonight. I cried when I saw them and was so happy. I spent all today and last night looking for makeup styles and what not for tonight. I was so happy and excited. I finally found something to wear and we were ready!

We got on the freeway, traffic. That's alright we left hecka early so we can park and sit without problems and maybe getting a chance to sneak a peak at Jodi :)
After probably 5 minutes (5mins) in traffic and wham! from the back. The first thing I said was "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" I knew it was going to be bad. We pulled over with the guy following. We moved up a bit more and he pulled out saying "You're ok" and waved while he sped away moving in and out of traffic. Now, Kieran was hit before and it was a hit-and-run as well that sucked $8k from him. We were both pissed and wanted this guy's head on a plate so we chased. Finally we were side by side with him and said "Pull the F888 over" He did and that's all I remember. I called 9-1-1 and was going crazy (how else am I supposed to react?! I just got hit by a jackass!) We got his info and as much as I wanted him to stay until cops came, he left (Ass).
Called 9-1-1 probably around 5:15pm. I didn't get another call until 15mins later saying there's someone coming. We sat there, tow truck got there before the cops (go figure) and had to leave since we were waiting for the cops luckily he left us his cell when we were ready.

FINALLY around 5:52 I got a call saying they were on their way. (that's what they told me 30mins before) i gave them a call 10mins later asking where they were and they said they were out for 10mins. (Sounds about right)

Around 6:30 they finally showed up. The driver came out and yelled at us saying how our car was in great shape and why we didn't just get off the freeway (Uh... because everyone told us not to, jackass) and blaming us for all of the accident that were behind us since those people were looking at and slowing down (uh... behind us? How the hell does that makes sense?!) And basically should have just said "You are dumbasses for not knowing that fluid shit is from the AC, now get the fuck off the freeway" Seriously just save us all the damn time and just be up front! If you are going to be an asshole go through with it and not half ass it.

When we got off the freeway we were lucky to deal with the partner and not the jackass. I was half tempted to ask the partner "Is he always an asshole?" But I'm smarter than that XD He was nice and did give us a scold "You shouldn't have chased him; You never know who you are dealing with. He could have just killed his wife for all you know" It made sense and he understood even more when Kieran told him what happened and what has happened to him. They marked the bitch as a Hit-and-Run and that jackface will be getting a letter. >:D

We were unable to see Jodi Benson and holy crap I never cried that much in a long long time. Surprisingly my makeup was still in mint condition and we were all surprised by that! When we got back home Kieran took pictures of me before I took off all the stuff. Going to post those soon enough.

I love Jodi Benson very very much and have seen her as my childhood idol since I saw The Little Mermaid. She's the only original princess I refused to dress up as for Halloween because she was like an angel and I couldn't compare. I was dressed in Ariel colored theme and makeup was based off of water. I've heard the "Oh No! I'm sorry!" I really want to meet her with all my heart! What did I do when I saw World of Color at the Fan Premiere?? CRY! What do I have? Cds from the Broadway show, tv series, The Little Mermaid Trilogy boxed set. pez, pins, pens, bags. holy cow I'm such an Ariel Fan, but I also love Thumbelina. It's not Disney, but it's still her voice :)

Now I'm going to sulk by eating.


  1. Hey that was really a shame, i love Jodi Benson too and i want to meet her someday! hey write me to my email i have lot of stuff with Jodi including the audio of the concert you didn't make it.

  2. Did you go to the concert? LUCKY!