Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So much has happened!
Thanksgiving: Burned my hand while baking Molasses cookies
(my pies and cookies were too bitty with salt, no more of that large grains of salt for me)
Black Friday: Worked half of my shift due to injuries that sent me to ER
11/29: Finally set up an Etsy Shop and will post more things soon.
Today: Went for a follow-up at the doctor's and they say I am alright to work, but I have to sit when I feel like I should and can't life anything more than 10 lbs. Also received a Custom order for a 2nd Gen IPod and a phone! (Yay!!) I do those just F.Y.I.
I will hopefully try to make it up to LA for Friday so I can make a gingerbread house with my daddy and make some different types of holiday cookies!! ^^ Would be nice. Also trying to figure out when I can do a few photoshoots (not even the pro ones, just enough of a shoot) so I can post new items on the Etsy. >w<

Right now the special is FREE SHIPPING if you purchase a min of $25 of products (custom or ordered)

Well, happy holidays! Will probably put up another sale sooner and cut the free shipping off early. Just in time for the holidays! *Fingers Crossed*

You can always check it out on the other blogger page or Facebook! Never hesitate to e-mail the team for prices at

Happy Holidays!

Friday, November 19, 2010

3Days Isn't Enough

Yeah yeah yeah it's been three days since I posted but blah it's how bored I get!

So as you may know (hopefully) I have another blog for my cute simple headbands called So Kute Creations and yes I have finally uploaded a couple bands that I have completed. Today is the last day to order a headband where 20% of the profit will got o St Jude Children's Research Hospital. You can either donate on the page and notify me (i will give you the discount) or you can order a headband and 20% will be taken off.

It means so much to me and so much to the children who are sick.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Schadenfreude and Nylon Pink

I'm sick (suprise) but it's a stomach thing so hopefully I will get better soon. :/ wonder what got me because it's painful :/ great timing. I need to save up to pay off my $1400 bill from car repairs T^T

Remember~ So Kute Creations!! We are going to have new specials hopefully next week if Buy 2, Get 3rd Half Off isn't good enough for you lol ;)

Also Wanted to give a shoutout to Nylon Pink!
I will be upfront.
Nylon Pink has amazing music, crazy style, and upbeat bass that make people rock out in a club.
5 Asian girls who have talent, fashion, jewelry line, and energy who are all absolutely attractive.

What's happening with Nylon Pink?
They are having a Eat Drink Pink EP release party
this Saturday, Nov 20th
If you live in the OC, you gotta come out to their EP release show! Its
FREE admission and there will be tons of yummy eats! It's the OC's best
dessert competition!

Will you be there?


They just had a photoshoot with legendary rock photographer Neil Zlozower
You can check it out on their website while shop for some wicked stuff they have such as clothing, jewelry, lingerie. And don't forget to follow them on Twitter!