Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So much has happened!
Thanksgiving: Burned my hand while baking Molasses cookies
(my pies and cookies were too bitty with salt, no more of that large grains of salt for me)
Black Friday: Worked half of my shift due to injuries that sent me to ER
11/29: Finally set up an Etsy Shop and will post more things soon.
Today: Went for a follow-up at the doctor's and they say I am alright to work, but I have to sit when I feel like I should and can't life anything more than 10 lbs. Also received a Custom order for a 2nd Gen IPod and a phone! (Yay!!) I do those just F.Y.I.
I will hopefully try to make it up to LA for Friday so I can make a gingerbread house with my daddy and make some different types of holiday cookies!! ^^ Would be nice. Also trying to figure out when I can do a few photoshoots (not even the pro ones, just enough of a shoot) so I can post new items on the Etsy. >w<

Right now the special is FREE SHIPPING if you purchase a min of $25 of products (custom or ordered)

Well, happy holidays! Will probably put up another sale sooner and cut the free shipping off early. Just in time for the holidays! *Fingers Crossed*

You can always check it out on the other blogger page or Facebook! Never hesitate to e-mail the team for prices at

Happy Holidays!

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