Friday, October 29, 2010

Mickey's Halloween Party in Disneyland

Was AMAZING!! I got to meet all these girls I talk to online who cos-play and their costumes were absolutely amazing! I also debuted my Pocahontas costume as well! I couldn't get moccasins, necklace, or wig done so I worked around it. Wore red flats to match the red tattoo, bought the Disney store necklace since it was also on sale, and used my naturally straight dark hair!

I felt bad because instead of running around with the new friends I made I went trick or treating with my boyfriend, his brother, and Amanda~. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy it one bit. I loved it! But I just felt bad for leaving my Belle by herself when she told me she hasn't met the others, but from the sound of it when I spoke to her it was fun. I did meet up with the girls ahead of time (because I had to give Belle her ticket) and they are all so kind and welcoming! I loved it! Even the Evil Queen was somewhat nice (lol) Let's see... in the beginning I met Snow White, her Prince, Rosetta, Tinker Bell, Jasmine, Cinderella, Evil Queen, Esmeralda, Vanessa, and Anastasia. I understand and have known all along that she isn't Disney, but technically Don Bluth who is the creator of films like Anastasia, Swan Princess, etc. was part of the Disney Animators group, but left.

Now I met with them, as we walked down Main Street we were stopped many many times and even ran into a Rapunzel and Flynn who were amazing cosplayers! Apparently we aren't allowed to pose for pictures, and I can understand that when the regular park attendees are present, but during the party, why not? We aren't getting paid, we know we aren't the characters, but why can't we take pictures with other people? If a child couldn't stand in line to meet a princess why can't they take a picture with one of us? So mean :P

After getting over 7lbs of candy I left my original group to join the princesses once more. This is when I also meet another group who were absolutely amazing as well! This is when we went to Aladdin's Oasis. The other group consisted of Snow White, her Prince, Belle, Adam, Mary Poppins, Esmeralda, Aladdin, Jasmine, Aurora, and Philip. Aladdin in his oasis and Aladdin who was the cosplayer were in different outfits, but almost looked identical! It was amazing! And I got a peek at Jasmine's costume which was under the cloak she wears when she runs away and walks through the Flea market of Agrabah. Regardless it was amazing.
Afterwards we took a group picture on the way up to Pirates of the Caribbean which by the way we took up an entire boat!! That is what I wanna see because it seems purely epic!!

I got to meet a couple photographers that the girls knew, and I also got to make so many new friends! I am so happy I went and got to meet them all! It's one thing to meet people at conventions it's another when it's in a location that's more specific! Not only were they all cosplayers, but they were major Disney fans! I like knowing a lot of people and having many acquaintances, but having friends that you can always talk to and chat about the latest news then it's more fun.

That's my adventure. I got super sick, but I guess it gives me a couple days off to just relax and feel better since I've been doing things everyday.

ANYWAYS! This is just a shout out to all of the new people I met! :D <3

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

how happy

How Happy are you today?
It may be raining, hailing, blustery, stressful, dramatic, etc.
But when you finally sit down to take a breather, how thankful of life and of yourself are you?

I guess I'm having an epiphany, but it could also be because I am taking a breather as well.

All my life I looked at life as half empty and never half full, I always looked at the negative parts of my life and never at the good things that occurred. I summed up every year as terrible only thinking back to the worse parts rather than being thankful and smiling upon the wonderful parts.

Well, I am sitting on a bed covered in yarn, needles, and textbooks smiling and feeling positively amazing! The weather outside was cast over, but I grasped a moment where the sun was peeking through a sea of gray skies, reflecting off the tops and bottoms, creating beautiful silhouettes of objects that sat sweating dew drops. I only saw this for 15 seconds, but imagined hours of beautiful inspirations.

Yesterday I felt like absolute crap and yes I was thinking why waste my time with all this when I can just give up, move back to LA, and live at school? Because that would be giving up on myself and everyone around me. I just needed the support. Thankfully I had a phone call from my eldest Aunt and an e-mail from my dad checking up on me and letting me know they love me. It's great to hear the voice of family when you don't live with them anymore. It really brought up my mood once I heard them.

And for my baby business - it's what I call it - I make headbands, berets, and scarves. How many have I sold so far? 1 baby hat, and 10 headbands! All in the span of less than a month! I made a facebook page for my baby business and called it "So Kute Creations" and in the span of 24hrs it jumped from 35 to 55! I'm so thankful for all my friends and family for supporting me! Hopefully it booms and I can really get business going with it. Who knows you might soon see "So Kute Creations"- LA branch within a few years. I am crossing my fingers for 5 yrs. :)

Anyways, Please smile for me, keep your heads held high, and believe that things will be better.

And Thank you.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Starry Eyed Bowtique

Clever name isn't it?
They have the CUTEST hair bows!!>W<

And thanks to a list of blogs I was able to find this!! It's a contest for a bow by Starry Eyed!!

You has to check them out!! oh yeah here's the link

I added them on Twitter & Facebook and I can't believe I haven't found them until now!!

Show the love and support!!


Monday, October 18, 2010

work work work

that's right! 3 works = $$$
At least... I hope lol
I am
1) working at a women clothing store (viscous women!)
After working here I am very much aware of my sexuality of being straight lol and I love my boyfriend very very much lol

2) working at a Disney Store
After working here I am very much sure I don't want children. If I do I might either
- A: Be one of those angry mothers who hate everyone around her except for her baby (who she will occasionally beat in public because she's not happy)
- B: be a happy mother with a happy child who isn't a crying brat (i hate bratty kids and bratty parents)

3) working in a party company
After working here I would LOVE to dress my baby up super cute and drag them to events where they will be adored as a baby prince or princess :3 (I'm not serious, but if I have a cute baby I might be highly tempted)

oop also

4) working in my baby company "So Kute Creations"
After making a few things I know for sure this is something I want to keep doing as a side project as well as baking super cute things. I wouldn't spend $$$ for lessons, but probably join a small group of people who like to do the same thing I do and trade work for skills.

Well I guess I should get ready for Disney :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

What's going on?

I was unable to meet Steven at his Birthday he invited me to as much as I wanted to! I feel so terrible and hope he forgives me as well as had a blast at his own party to recognize the awesomeness of his birth for the 20th year!

I finally gave Renee the Pooh hat order and I'm so happy she loves it! I just hope the who she is giving it to loves it as well!
I still have to finish up the order of seven headbands and I have made a separate blog for my shop "So Kute Creations" Yes I did spell 'cute' incorrectly because there's a store in Texas called So Cute Creations that do personalized gifts and what not.

In that blog I'll post finished projects and photos. I have a couple so far, modeled on my teddy bear "Duffy", but I won't post a blog with Pooh until I receive images with the baby I guess lol. As long as I have written consent to post the images. :3 Gotta start writing up the release forms XD

I also have a Facebook page for my shop. I will be making a few things during my spare time and post them for sale.

I have a root canal appointment on the 20th and 21st. I've survived deep cleaning and cavity fillings, so I hope to God this isn't going to hurt T^T

Today was also my first day at the Disney Store and it was a blast! I LOVE listening to princess songs and not Jonas or Miley :) They have events and resets just like SF, but completely for children! This I think will help with my interaction with children. It's funny because so many children are so shy and I find it somewhat funny when they stare at you with their mouth wide open (like in shock) hahaha I don't know why they do it, but it makes me laugh. :)

Just wanted to give an update. If you wanna order anything, please post on my other blog and I will get in touch with you from there.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Woooow It's Been a While


This month is filled with the 3 C's! :D
October is so wonderful!
So many holidays and awarenesses this month!
-Apple Month
-Domestic Violence Awareness Month
-German-American Heritage Month ;)
-Photographer Appreciation Month

Seriously! Did anyone know that October 6th is Mad Hatter Day or the 10th is Cake Decorating Day?! Well you should! Those are awesome!

Also October 18th, 2010 is National Chocolate Cupcake Day!! So if you see me, expect a Chocolate Cupcake ^^

Anyways, What's happened?
My Pocahontas and John Smith costumes are in the shipping mode, haven't left Spain yet I don't think, but I'm so excited to see them finally.
Also I bought some eye shadow that isn't pressed and am very curious as to how they work. If it's better than pressed I'll try to grab a few more.

Also I'm planning this gathering and it's going to be big, but small. I refuse to mention it, but it's starting to cost. I rather not spend $100+. Would it be wrong of me to charge $5-10 for the whole package? I'm getting trinkets, food, beverages, location, and even have the possibility of using a room in a really exclusive location for dessert!! It's still in process of negotiation, but everyone will have to pay for their own sweets. So far it's going to cost a lot and I don't want to just have me and two other mods pay for it all. Help??

I'm starting my Disney job Monday!! Doom Doom Doom! I am already prepared to make the decision when the time comes to let go of one job that I really enjoy. The girls are so sweet... except for a few, but can't pick and chose who you work with, right? Every person has a bad day, and I think I've been working those days XD Anyways~ It's going to be very very busy for me. I will be surprised if I still get a few weekends off for myself. :P

Ok well Off to do some HW

If you have any advice for the event, plz comment :D <3

Update: Made a Page for my products <3