Friday, October 8, 2010

Woooow It's Been a While


This month is filled with the 3 C's! :D
October is so wonderful!
So many holidays and awarenesses this month!
-Apple Month
-Domestic Violence Awareness Month
-German-American Heritage Month ;)
-Photographer Appreciation Month

Seriously! Did anyone know that October 6th is Mad Hatter Day or the 10th is Cake Decorating Day?! Well you should! Those are awesome!

Also October 18th, 2010 is National Chocolate Cupcake Day!! So if you see me, expect a Chocolate Cupcake ^^

Anyways, What's happened?
My Pocahontas and John Smith costumes are in the shipping mode, haven't left Spain yet I don't think, but I'm so excited to see them finally.
Also I bought some eye shadow that isn't pressed and am very curious as to how they work. If it's better than pressed I'll try to grab a few more.

Also I'm planning this gathering and it's going to be big, but small. I refuse to mention it, but it's starting to cost. I rather not spend $100+. Would it be wrong of me to charge $5-10 for the whole package? I'm getting trinkets, food, beverages, location, and even have the possibility of using a room in a really exclusive location for dessert!! It's still in process of negotiation, but everyone will have to pay for their own sweets. So far it's going to cost a lot and I don't want to just have me and two other mods pay for it all. Help??

I'm starting my Disney job Monday!! Doom Doom Doom! I am already prepared to make the decision when the time comes to let go of one job that I really enjoy. The girls are so sweet... except for a few, but can't pick and chose who you work with, right? Every person has a bad day, and I think I've been working those days XD Anyways~ It's going to be very very busy for me. I will be surprised if I still get a few weekends off for myself. :P

Ok well Off to do some HW

If you have any advice for the event, plz comment :D <3

Update: Made a Page for my products <3


  1. October 6th is Mad Hatter Day? And I missed it?!?! :P

    The gathering sounds like it'll be a big deal. Is it a Disney thing or just princess? Why are you planning it?

  2. Oh and I just thought of a suggestion that could save you some money like if you are worried about cost. Instead of giving everyone like a little trinket (or something like that), maybe you could get a few items that are more important and give them out in a draw? just an idea

  3. hm... true.
    it's a princess thing.
    oh psh you know what i'm saying. i mean the trinkets aren't a problem, but it's the food and the material for the location.

    I just thought of always having a princess tea party, so it's what we are doing ^^

    thankfully i have another helping me out too