Monday, October 18, 2010

work work work

that's right! 3 works = $$$
At least... I hope lol
I am
1) working at a women clothing store (viscous women!)
After working here I am very much aware of my sexuality of being straight lol and I love my boyfriend very very much lol

2) working at a Disney Store
After working here I am very much sure I don't want children. If I do I might either
- A: Be one of those angry mothers who hate everyone around her except for her baby (who she will occasionally beat in public because she's not happy)
- B: be a happy mother with a happy child who isn't a crying brat (i hate bratty kids and bratty parents)

3) working in a party company
After working here I would LOVE to dress my baby up super cute and drag them to events where they will be adored as a baby prince or princess :3 (I'm not serious, but if I have a cute baby I might be highly tempted)

oop also

4) working in my baby company "So Kute Creations"
After making a few things I know for sure this is something I want to keep doing as a side project as well as baking super cute things. I wouldn't spend $$$ for lessons, but probably join a small group of people who like to do the same thing I do and trade work for skills.

Well I guess I should get ready for Disney :)

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