Saturday, September 25, 2010


I've been very well!
My official transfer date from Disney's Soda Fountain & Studio Store to The Disney Store is TOMORROW!! >W< My start date is hopefully October 14th-ish?? lol Can't really remember, but I should be going ahead of time to pick up my uniform and schedule etc.

Today I did another party, not a character party, but I managed games. It was fun. I made something simple easy and quick with a short line into the biggest game hit! XD
"It's a TIE!! Do you guys wanna split the tickets or go for 12? Double or Nothing! Winner Takes All!" lol it really caught everyone's attention! I think...
The record placed in ties would be these two boys who tied 11 times in a row!! >W< 66 tickets was given to the winner XD It was insane!! I was given a lollipop by a little girl who was so sweet!! It was great to meet the rest of the staff of SDKPR and hopefully I can work with them even more! :)

Working at the clothing store I do really keeps me busy even for four hours a day. I wake up in the morning to go to work, on my way to or from I pick up a drink from Juice It Up (Great place! btw)Super nice guy there who likes to chat with everyone and anyone there. And they play SWITCHFOOT where I go! SWITCHFOOT! I love switchfoot lol. I almost started to sing the first time I was there XD I think the man is a Christian guy.

I've been getting a ton of hints to give church another try but I don't know how to go about that when the people I live with are not interested in religion. I could care less about the congregation, I'm just there to listen to what they have to translate from the Bible. I'm curious. I do have a belief of a higher being, fate, afterlife, etc. I'm not crazy with it though. We'll see. Maybe I'll just keep in touch with people and listen to radio sermons or online things.

I've received three Commission orders!! :D
One for photo editing, and possibly a photoshoot! :D
Another a set of headbands! >W<
Finally a hat!
I'm so happy this is all happening to me!
I am also building a portfolio of photo edits to submit to a talent agency I've known for three years! >W< So happy! Things seem to be looking up for me, but I will not say for sure because you never know when the table will turn, right?

Adam Lambert

First off, I know he's gay and I honestly could care less. Music, style, and art don't discriminate. He has amazing artistic taste in makeup, fashion, and show it through his music videos!

I mean seriously. His music video of "If I Had You" He has a friggin RAVE in the forest setting! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! SUPER!

The lighting in this shot is AMAZING, the spots where the band are positioned is perfect! and his makeup is AWESOME! >W< Jealous!
Also has anyone noticed his strut in the beginning and how similar it is to Beyonce's "Video Phone" entrance strut??

Right? I think they are very much with similar power and Diva-ness lol.

I guess that's all on this line!


  1. So are you getting started on a Mulan costume or will the company supply it?

    I don't know when the last time I heard SWITCHFOOT in a store or something was! It's always cool when the owners/employees show genuine interested in their customers. :)

    I go to Calvary Chapel. :) Their teachings are verse-by-verse through the Bible and our pastor pretty much reads and then explains them one by one. Here's the link to the podcast if you want:

    That's so cool about the commissions! What kind of hats do you make? I don't remember if you posted about them before

  2. I am probably going to get started on building it (of course that means hiring a seamstress) lol
    I saw David Crowder Band live once in LA for a revival and it was AMAZING! They will be in Irvine in November, but I don't know anyone else who is up for going. Bf isn't into that kind of stuff
    And thank you for the podcast link I'll definitely check it out for sure!
    I make one type and only one type of hat lol. I'm trying out different things to find the easiest strategy. Crocheting hats is HARD! lol. I've posted in on my Facebook under artwork and stuff. :)

  3. I've never been to see them but there were a bunch of people in town the other night. I think it was like Aaron Shust, Big Daddy Weave and Michael W. Smith...I'm just guessing

    I'm sure your bf would support you with whatever you do :)

  4. Michael W. Smith is pretty big, right? He was pretty cool live.

    btw. donated :D

  5. Yeah I think he is :)

    Yes I saw and thank you so much for supporting her! :D

  6. You are absolutely welcome! I love supporting! ^^ Sucked I missed out on AIDS walk I think for the first time in 5 years. :/