Sunday, September 19, 2010

Today and Contest Entry!

To start off, I am entering in another contest from Drop Dead Kawaii and it's awesome that she has these to impulse her followers to promote and post post post! :D Kudos!

Disneyland today was super fun! We were only there for like 5 1/2 hrs, but it was fun... until I got hungry of course XP

Got to meet Duffy the Bear!! They had an Annual Passholder event.

So much fun! We even got to see merchandise that will not be out until October 14th or so and ALSO got a chance to purchase our very own Duffy the Bear with an option of Sailor outfit (SUPER CUTE!!) What did I do? Beg my boyfriend to buy one teeheehee jk
I also found out the Duffy the Bear that I have from a while ago is retired and worth $$ but because of my Disney heart I am not going to sell him... unless I find a better softer one.

When we returned to Disneyland afterwards who was out in front?? ARIEL!!! What did I do? Take a picture with her, my boyfriend, and Duffy! As we were almost at the front of Ariel's line who else decided to join in the fun?? BELLE!! Hellz yeah! It was totally lucky! After we took pictures with Ariel, we jumped into Belle's line! I noticed they didn't have any CMs there to help them out, luckily it seemed as though they were able to manage :D
We decided to line up at the Haunted Mansion and guess who was at their spot? Princess Jasmine and Aladdin! Friggin awesome! Especially after watching the trilogy not to long ago. >W< So I ran into that line and go to take a pic with them!! Pics hopefully coming up soon. :D

Today was a good day. Bought one of those "Learn to Draw" books Princess Edition at Company D since it was 50% off. >:3


  1. That is so cool! You had awesome timing with the characters! I remember one day I went I had mad timing skillz and met 9 characters in the one day, but only one of the princesses, which are def harder to locate. Ariel is almost NEVER outside of her Grotto restaurant! :D

  2. Right? I could have taken pics with other characters, but the group I was in were more interested of Ghost Galaxies and Nightmare's Haunted House. lol The Ariel I met had the BLUEST eyes I've ever seen!! >W<