Thursday, September 16, 2010

Etsy Returns!

That's right! Etsy returns with a few more shops items to keep an eye out for... at least what I think you should keep your eye out for ;P

First of all, I will admit that yes she is an old friend of mine from back in the years (lol I sound old XD)
Anyways, she opened an etsy shop selling really super duper cute jewelry!
It's called Phunkey Munkey Creations!

Starting with this awesomely cute Raphael... To this super hot cluster ring!

And also teeheehee I'm cheating again, but her other Etsy shop that she shares with her mum I believe?

Beautifully handcrafted rings, clips, combs, and tiaras! Wanna see the tiara? Go check on the site then! XP

I'm only sharing a knick of what they really have :)
She does all kinds of custom jewelry including earrings, tiaras, hair flowers and accessories, necklaces and bracelets. You can always contact her to ask for custom jewelry.

"What I do that is special, well, I don't stick to one precise style, like for example many just create bridal accessories or maybe make only retro style items. I make everything that my mind thinks of :) I have hair accessories, jewelery, toys, and soon to come masks :) It's a shop of variety in a way :)"
           -Anna - Phunkey Munkey & I Do's designer and creator

Now Has anyone seen DDK's newest blog post?? GOTTA CHECK IT OUT! it will explain as of why I am posting the link here :P

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