Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another Rant Blog

Well I guess this is just my public journal. I need to find a way to keep myself sane.

I was told that I'm turning into my mother. Not in the good way, just how I react to things and I guess I don't show appreciation and I don't apologize. I think I do, but I learned one thing, "Don't expect anything otherwise you will be disappointed".
I have been complaining non-stop and I don't notice it until it's too late.
This is how it's going down:
1) My mother has to go to the hospital for surgery (why I will not say)
2) I found out there is a CHANCE I will be able to transfer to another Disney store, if I can I will be working a few hours every few weeks and will be working holidays. My manager has been procrastinating to the point where I have to look for another job. I was informed that I have to find a closer workplace to where I'm moving which is places like Ralphs and Mc Donalds.
3) Moving is really overwhelming because I never knew how much stuff I had until now. What am I going to keep and what am I going to let go of.
4) I just found out that I registered for the wrong semester at the school I'm transferring to. I had to call and ask. I just applied for the right semester so hopefully I will be able to apply for classes and I had to mail in my transcript requests.
5) I got pretty stressed out and now I'm not feeling well at all. I've been having nausea problems and I can't eat, sleep, think, drink. Since I'm so stressed I have been acting up every second I'm breathing and now who I'm moving in with is having second thoughts. I am ruining my life because as everyone has been saying I let things get to me to quickly.


Don't feel bad for me, this is just like a journal entry


  1. Lol, my blog is pretty much a public journal too! Well, you'll probably be able to tell that from what I posted tonight.

    Oh no, I had a similar situation signing up for some summer classes! Not fun, but it's really good you found out now! Do you have a major picked out?

    I've had tons of nausea this week! It's usually happening when I'm driving, so I'm letting other people chauffer me around for a while. :/

  2. Oh Dear! I hope you aren't too ill. Is it car sickness? :/ I hope you feel better~ :D

  3. Damn... well, I think it's okay to be negative when things go wrong. It's only natural. Sure, it's not the best thing to vent when others are around, but if they're your friends, they should understand. They go through similar emotions, too.

    If you find you're always complaining, maybe focus on the things that are good in your life on occasion? Treat yourself... and if you already do, take a step back and realize how good you have it. =)

    But in these down moments, it's okay to feel like crap.

    - George V.