Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Smooth Away

Ever wonder if the products they show on telecommercials work or not? Those AS SEEN ON TV stuff? Well I was really curious about whether or not this hair removal thing worked or not. I bought Smooth Away lol

Lol yeah seriously I used it once and then lost it. Now that I am packing I stumbled upon it and gave it another go. Dear Doubtful Simon, This stuff really works!

Yes Ladies and gents this is before and after. I'm right-handed so of course I will work on my left arm first. I am very hairy on my arms lol. Now I am doomed because I somehow need my lousy left arm to somehow function the same way my right arm does to rid my righty of it's beastly hair. Dun Dun Dun!!! Yes the adventures of packing seriously lol.

Well Here's the sitch:
Smooth away is formatted with small crystals that create friction to the arm when you use it as directed in circular motion and switch directions every few spins. You have to put pressure on it so that the friction between the smooth away and your arm create enough heat to actually burn the hair off lol.
It's painless because all you feel is the heat building up on your arm. Be careful because of careless me I kept going in a few spots that were already naked and burned some skin off. Not bleeding, not red, not swollen, it's more like you skid on something to create a tear on your epidermis XD
It looks a little dusty afterwards because not only did you burn off hair, you took some skin off. I think it's great because it's probably dirty dead skin cells. Rub some hypoallergenic lotion on your brand new soft-as-a-baby's-bottom skin because it's probably not used to being naked and could react to certain lotions. Yay me! :D I sound somewhat smart!!

That's how you use Smooth Away~ Enjoy. I'm going to start training my lousy lefty to function and work on the righty XD


  1. lol Yay for buying things from infomercials!

    I've always wondered about ShamWow. Snuggies were super popular for Christmas this year.

    I'm glad it worked for you!

  2. wow didn't see this one! XD
    But yeah ironically the would usually NOT work, but some of them really do. I am kinda tempted to get a couple more things XD but that's pushing it