Friday, July 23, 2010


Today is the day I officially turned in my Soda Fountain uniform at work. It was weird and strange to do so. I was more than happy to turn it in since they are waist high pants and Man-sized shirts lol. I also had to turn in my name tag, but it's alright I got to keep the one with my hometown :) I ALSO had to turn in my swipe card :( Was sad to do that because it was cute and simple :) I asked the lead if I could take a picture and I did :D

Cute right? She was curious as to why I would want to keep it and when she saw the Mo sticker she just said to peel it off and put it on my Commuter Assistance card (SWEET!) I was also bestowed with gifts from some of my fellow CMs (Thanks Everyone!)

It still hasn't hit me to the point of tears (well A Lot of tears at least)but I'm sure it will happen eventually. Otherwise Sweet :D I can't wait to move down there, but it's going to be very very difficult if I don't get the Disney job :/ I am so close to getting the B discount!! >w<

I guess only time will tell.

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