Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July & Contest Entry!

I would LOVE to have this clock and it's the BEST thing that would happen to me this year!!

4th of July here in Los Angeles is the WORST day EVER! So many people crowded like crazy, drunk people everywhere, cops are surrounding and pulling people over just cuz of hunches. luckily i was never pulled over, but the fact that people use today as just another excuse to get drunk and f** around isn't fun :( It gives me a headache.
I'm just one of those people who are quickly affected by their surroundings.
I went to work at 9am (after working until 1am the previous shift) and the whole time I was grumbling in my tummy wondering if they would let me finish work early, but nope. There was a barbecue in the middle of my shift and when i finished, my bf called me a traitor so I decided to ditch the free bbq food that I was craving for and go to my friend's bbq. It started late, there was a rugby ball that almost hit me in the face (thanks Daniel for saving my life) and I was grumpy :(
I guess when you have a true sugar crash it's the most depressing moment ever!! Luckily I met a few awesome people, saw a cute puppy poodle, and had lots of food and sweets! <3 Now back to work in a few hrs.

6 days until I'm 21 years old!!!! :D


If you aren't doing anything July 10th and are in L.A. ish area. Head out to Knotts Berry Farm around 12pm and rock out with Dig Jelly!! All you gotta do is pay for admission to the park, it's a filming for a show and Patti LaBelle is going to be there. We are going to be working with the band's new look and I'm excited to show you guys what Dig Jelly has become!!
But for now just check out their current site
and watch their videos on Youtube at their channel. :D

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