Sunday, June 27, 2010

Darn!! So Close!!

For eight years if not more my neighbor's douchebag brother keeps stealing our parking spot. We have three cars, this lady doesn't; we live here, he doesn't; we have only one spot. This guy has the nerve to tell us that he (who doesn't live there and only visits once a week) owns that spot?? HAHAHA I don't think so.

After so much feud about it being our spot we told our manager/ land lord and all he does is move his car out so that bitch can move his car in. I love our manager and his family. We have been family for YEARS!! I am not going to let him be a bitch and move his spot if legally he doesn't have to.

Last week my dad threatened to call the cops if he took our spot one more time. When my mom left to visit her friend the guy moved his car into our spot. When I got home my dad told me this and we both agreed we have been fed up (even though I rather mustard up a GIANT swastika on his car)

I called 3-1-1 and they forwarded me to Parking enforcement at 6:37pm. When I spoke to them they said they would have cars out here in a little bit. It's now 7:07pm and I received a call saying I have to call 2-1-1 to report a resident violation. WTF? It took them a half hour to tell me to call another number?? FAIL!!

I went out to check for the bitch's car so I can take down his info while he was still down there, but I guess between the time I went to give my mum her phone to when I got back to my apt, he left the spot. DAMMIT!! I was so fucking close to getting his ass in the city. I think he is planning on staying overnight so if I see him walk back to the neighbor's apt, I'm definitely gonna call 2-1-1 and tell them to get their ass over here and work on this eight-year feud. I definitely want this shit solved and done with before I move.

He is such a F*** Jerkoff as well! He yells at us all the time DEMANDING us to move our car out of his spot! Excuse me? What a joke! Now he DEMANDS the manager to move HIS car out of the garage. THE MANAGER!! The guy who should have kicked out that lady YEARS ago for abusing residential rules that she signed on contract!! I hate it when the guys in charge get too soft. XP

ANYWAYS~ On a good note! My last day at work will be July 20th and my first day at the new job will hopefully be Aug 23rd. :)


  1. Wow. I hate people like that! It's so rude and inconsiderate. He must be reaaaaaallly immature. :(

  2. He is!! All his life he was probably the bully and no one yet has given him the proper beating XD
    Is this why you wanted me to fix my comments?? hahaha
    Silly. hahah

  3. Ahhh! i'm so happy i searched my followers because on the day you commented for the giveaway, three comments were deleted accidentally! thank god i remember the names! i feel terrible about this but can you re-enter the giveaway! i'll throw in an extra entry just for your trouble :)