Monday, June 21, 2010


So~ yesterday was - I believe - worse than the day prior. My head was swollen where I had impact with the trash compactor (tale in previous blog entry) and a headache that took out one of my eyes for 3 hrs decided to visit. Being where I was (at work) made me think, "Should I fill out a worker's injury report?" So when my manager wasn't running around with much speed and stress I told him my situation and asked for some advice and he said to fill out the report. It was very difficult to work my 6hr shift since all there happened to be was the loud, bright, high motioned atmosphere I was working in. Agony!! Did I think about using pain killers? I was actually afraid it would do more damage than good with how I eat (not much)
Oh! Just noticed! Yesterday was Father's Day! Maybe that's why it was so stinking crowded and busy! Sorry dad. Major disappointment yesterday than, but he did say something that I should get used to saying, "I don't expect things so I wouldn't be disappointed." Such brilliant words! I usually say that as well especially for my birthday parties; although last year's party was much more successful than my 19th birthday party. Hazzah! So hopefully this summer my birthday will be a hit! I finalized my plans, but never asked the manager at the apt if it's alright to take over the back for a BBQ. They are a family friend so I am sure it won't be a problem.

Well today is another work day and hopefully my headache will go away and my bump will vanish. Thank goodness for bangs though.

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