Saturday, June 19, 2010

Today's Adventure!!

At work it was INSANE! I haven't been back at my original location for so long that I forgot how difficult it is to re-stock! It was constantly busy because of an event and when I had low blood sugar my co's noticed :P I felt woozy and dizzy and thought I was gonna faint, I can't really say that anymore since I do know how it feels to pass out. I have a witness!
When I went to take out the trash it was the WORST TIME EVER!! XP Busiest time if you ask me. I forgot the gloves, I couldn't find our giant rolly dumpster that makes taking trash to the trash compactor so much easier, but epic.
It was hot, the alley was crowded, and I was struggling to take an approximate total of 50+lbs to the compactor. Being the kind of person I am, I wasn't paying very much attention to my surrounding as I threw the bags from my tiny rolly trash can to the compactor I hit my head on the corner of the compactor! T_T Epic pain but luckily with the crowds coming down the alley I was able to sit there getting a nice tan and cooling off for 10mins. When I got back to where I found the trash can the door was closed - mind you when the door is closed I am locked out. I had to go all the way around the building to open the darn door open to bring in the trash can. My head felt like it was swelling a tiny bit so I asked a few of my co's whether or not they see something to the part of my forehead I hit my head. Apparently they did see a red boo-boo and luckily I was able to cover it with my hair (yay for bangs btw)

Things I have learned today:
1) Keep a distance from you and the corner of a trash compactor when throwing trash into it (it gets irritated)

2) If you haven't had hearty (i.e. sloppy joe status) food in a while, be cautious when eating it again and take Peptol Bismol or Tums afterwards. You will bloat.

3) Always have makeup handy in case you do get bonked on the head

4) Eat before your shift, during your breaks, and after the shift. Always stay hydrated.

5) Summer sucks in Los Angeles and Disneyland XP

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