Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blogging about... ETSY!!

Yay!! I haven't checked out Etsy for the longest time and was doing some jewelry research. I love cute things and I have found 6 shops with super cute things!! Here we go~

Hard Plastic Rock Candy Glitter Kitsch Glam Sparkle Pop

HPRCGKGSP (what a name!) Anyways~ They have SUPER CUTE Jewelry!! Bright colors, Huge pendants, and this is great!
Candy Necklaces! Rainbow Bracelets! More Cute Rainbow Necklaces!

You would never think Cute things like this would exist! The products are sorta pricey, but with all that labor in the details I think it is fair.

Octopus/Squid and Shark Hats. Are Hilarious. Not to mention the guy who is modeling them XD

Really Relaxed style of Art on your laptop, pendants, etc. It kinda says in the image above.

Cute Vintage Dresses and Accessories! The same girl who has the makeup line "SugarPill"
Here's one dress that she made and it's super duper cute!!!

Cute Stickers, Cute Paper, CUTE CUTE CUTE!! It's like Anime Fan Girl World for the Win!! :D

Alright! Cute things on Etsy for the win! :D I guess that's all I'll post about for the time being. I'm going to work now yay! :D Hm... Hungry :/ Damn Phineas & Ferb making a frozen yogurt machine T_T

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