Friday, June 25, 2010

Aww~ C'MON!!

Seriously? Everyone I want to go to Disneyland with are all going during my work week!!! Do I have to wake up SUPER early to just go for a few hours just to hang out?? WHYYYY!! hahaha It's just insane crazy now at work and I'm not complaining too much. I guess I have the power to take a day off, it will just effect me in the long run.

What is coming up?
Well~ I have tickets to go see "In the Heights" but I don't know if Kieran or Jane will be going with me. Kieran isn't a fan of musicals, but doesn't want me to go by myself. It's on a Monday night so~ I don't know~.
and? My 21st Birthday Celebration!!! :D So far, a lot of people said they were coming, but usually half of that actually shows up. doesn't really surprise me either since I am still contemplating whether or not I will be serving alcohol. Everyone is telling me to go clubbing and to the bars and take the shots and drink whatever people buy you, but I'm not into clubs and bars, never was. I'm also allergic to certain alcohol. I might just have drink blends but not hard liquor. We'll see.

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