Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It has been FOREVER, but Magic Happens

So much has happened in the span of one full week!

First of all I wanted to thank The Little Mermaid for the Shoutout you are such a sweetheart! She has great reviews on films and writes about certain things that makes me think 'hmm...' She's smart and has such a wonderful personality; I wouldn't doubt it one bit if she was Ariel :D

I finished all my projects I have found a seamstress to make my Pocahontas costume (yay!) I am also getting a John Smith costume made for my boyfriend (yay!) So I guess we will have them ready and posted during Disneyland's Trick-or-Treat party :) Fingers crossed sooner!!

My Oceans Cut-Tee is done, but I don't fit in it T_T I am too small!! I am working on finding people who can try it on for a few snap shots so that I can have SOMETHING posted up.

I am getting a TON of orders for my Kitty Kat plush, but they also want some catnip added into the plush... hm... I just have to plan it out. I have a few orders for cut-tees (Yay!) I am still trying to work out pricing for it ... hm... Any Ideas???

I also went up to Sacramento (Lodi and Fair Oaks techincally) to celebrate my Grandmum Lyla's Birthday where she is now 80 years old and my Aunt Lori's Birthday in which she will soon be 50 years old! My Grandmum's brothers and sisters came and so did a few of their kids as well!

Last time I saw most of them was seven years ago when I went up to North Dakota for a Family Reunion. I got to see a few relatives who are now no longer with us and I am sad that I was unable to hear their tales of being in the military and living at the farm, but I guess that's what the other siblings are for. When I last saw them I was 13 years old and just finished Junior High. I was shy, uncomfortable, and felt completely surrounded by strangers. At the same time I felt like a celebrity since everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) knew who I was and were so happy I was there. When I wanted to go for ice cream we ran all the way to the nearest Dairy Queen. When I was hot they took the time to take me to the local pool. There were some kids around my age, but they were juniors and seniors in high school and spoke amongst themselves. Oh the memories I have to tell I could probably write a book about my life! *Sigh* there are too many books out there just like that, but when I have a week and am loaded on caffeine and sugar I will try to start the first 5 chapters hahaha XD

I~ can't wait for Rayko's photoshoot and for the Midnight showing of Toy Story 3 and the Pin Event on Saturday in Hollywood! You may think 'Hey! She works at the El Capitan!' Yeah~ No I don't actually. I'm just a super fan of Disney and that's the closest place for me. I LOVE going to Disneyland so don't be surprised if you see me there either.

OK! I think that's all I should really say now before I start spilling out the Disney secrets XD
Oh yeah! World of Color is a MUST SEE!!! I still wanna go to Glow Fest at Cali Advent. If you ever go there, PLEASE let me know how it is.



  1. You're welcome! Anytime! :)
    Pocahontas and John Smith? That'll be great! I love it. Is Pocahontas your favorite Disney character?
    Maybe you should write a book, like you wouldn't necessarily have to publish it but you could read it years later and have fun with that.
    Kinda random but I can't believe Andy is going to college, haha :P Oh, memories.

  2. Pocahontas is my ALL TIME Favorite! Even the historical tale is touching! I listen to the soundtrack and I cry like a baby from the emotions filling it! XD If you want me to go crazy on it I will. hahaha
    I guess I will be starting on a book when I get some time. My friend is writing one about her life so I think I'll wait for that first hahaha. When I have the first chapter done I will let you know if you are interested XD

    I KNOW! ANDY is all grown up!!! has it really been that long?? Then again it has been 15 years. The sweet sweet memories we have with Pixar.