Monday, May 24, 2010

My Birthday & Art Updates!

My Birthday is on July 11! I'll be 21!! Yay me!!
Anyways, I am moving to San Diego as my boyfriend's present to me (I'm sure that's not it, we have been planning this for a year) BUT... I don't know what to do for my 21st. I'm going to celebrate it with my closest friends and a few the day before since I have a mysterious surprise on my actual birthday.
What should I do?? There will be minors so I think I will have wine and sake for the 'big kids' who have DDs and soda and yummy blends for the youngers. Korean BBQ, but I don't know if I should have a theme?? What else should I have food-wise? Music mix ideas anyone?
You guys are my helpful little b-day elves and the more input I get the better this party will be!!

Art Updates!!
I know I never have these, but recently El Capitan Theater had a 75% sale on their Oceans merchandise (I think they still do) so I nabbed a few $18 tees (donations go to coral reefs) for $5!! (currently sold out now :P) I have been cutting one up and it's looking pretty cute.

Ever heard of Adam Saak?? Yeah he's awesome!! I would LOVE to meet him. Anyways, that's one project I'm doing. It's Day 3 of my tee project. The reason why is because I have a short attention span and found 20 other things to do XD It's my VERY FIRST TEE Cut I've done. Hopefully finishing it today, but with street cleaning I think it's gonna take another day XP dammit!!


With one of the sleeves I cut off the tee I am making a tiny kitty plush XD I guess I can make like 6 of them, but it just depends on how my FIRST KITTY turns out. Noob at stitching but if it comes out of the wash in one piece then I deserve an A in AWESOMENESS!! XD


  1. Cool! It'd be awesome to see the tee when you're all finished!

  2. Hey darling I did finish it, but unfortunately it won't fit me. It is a size M women's tee and I am a SM XP
    I'm gonna see if my co will try it on for a few pics so I have SOMETHING hahaha
    Do you fit a size Medium?? I'm working on three more tees. My cousins are ordering some from me as well lol.