Thursday, April 29, 2010

Exciting Update!

After you hit the bottom things start to look brighter.
I have collaborated with Dig Jelly's lead singer, Rayko, to build up a series called "Rizz and Arice"
So far, we have recorded a few things.
What would you want to see?
I want input from people who watch videos!
Once we are big enough we are working out on a storyline for a mini-drama-series.
If you were gonna see two asians running around Los Angeles, what would you wanna see? What things should we approach? What topics are you most interested in?

We want your input! :)

anyways~ I have also been named as Dig Jelly's little Merch Girl. I will be going to every show to promote and sell their products and I have been talking to Rayko about new and interesting merchandise. That's right! We are bringing autographs and posters back in!

I am in the process of talking to their main merch man, Scott about processes, financing, and promotions. :)

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