Thursday, March 31, 2011

Life - Starting Over

It's incomprehensible and unpredictable
You never know when you will fall in love
You never know when you will get hurt
You never know when you will succeed
You never know when you will fail
You never know what will happen 2seconds from now or 5 years from now

I've been hurt, abandoned, I had my walls come down just to get attacked.
I will admit I'm not saint and have many many faults, but no one in this world is perfect. I noticed how I tend to manipulate words to appear as the victim and have everyone turn against the one who hurt me and how wrong it is.

I tried to change, but my deepest issues are too deep to fill without the right help.

I don't look down on people who have disabilities or mental issues since I used to do volunteer work with people who aren't as lucky as most of us and I have a dear friend of mine who has a disability but it doesn't keep her from swimming faster than me.

Things I used to dread and dislike with a passion I've begun to admire and look more into.

I dread getting my blood drawn, but from what I'm hearing from people it's necessary to get the right health help.

Someday I will be normal like everyone else, but I don't want to dream about it, I have to really work on it in order for myself to improve.

This is the beginning of my long painful journey after I've been hurt to the fullest.
Will you join in my my journey?

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