Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Inspiration: Rayko

Welp! Working Full Time and trying to figure out which classes I can apply for during the FALL. My goal is to have my AA by Winter '12. What will I be getting from all you wonderful people when I do finish? :3 I like rewards. ^^

Anyways, LOTS of work and ideas for Dig Jelly and Lolita Dark that I'm excited about, but can't have expectations (can't be disappointed if you don't have expectations) I want Rayko to be known not just in LA, but ALL of Cali and ALL of the US and then the WHOLE WORLD!! :D

She deserves everything and more! I have set personal goals for myself for her and hopefully she won't have to worry about financial struggles and hardships and won't have to work to death - wearing herself out physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. She is such a hero and inspiration to everyone and anyone.

I do recall my mom originally having horrible judgement about Rayko when she first saw her, but as time went by my mother finally had a grasp of Rayko as a person and who she was rather than what she looked like. That's the misconception - her looks. She is absolutely beautiful inside and out and her personality shines.

She is the singer of Dig Jelly and Lolita Dark. She is a fitness trainer. She is a daughter, sister, role model, hero, and an inspiration!

Her voice is beautiful and her lyrics surpass any faults she present on stage (if she even has any) which is why I stress to go and see her perform live. Her aura is MUCH different from the recorded tracks. Once you see her live you will remember the vibe and emotion when hearing her music.

I love Rayko-chan VERY much!

I shall be posting more "Inspiration" blogs soon hopefully

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