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My D23 Expo 2011 Experience

This is all three of my FB notes into one BIG Journal and the update of what I wanted to do compared to what I did do.
If you saw my Pocahontas, my Arice, or Silvermist along with Tinker & Rosetta and took pics plz send them to me so I can show them off to the appropriate ppl :)

D23 EXPO 2011
DAY 1 (12pm-5pm)

I dressed as Pocahontas with my newly dyed black hair. I didn't have time nor the right gear to put on my red tattoo for her arm but oh well.

I arrived and waited in the line for LEGENDS around...10? When I was walking in search to the end of the line I was stopped by a girl in pink loli who was in the line who asked me for a picture. I wonder who she is and ask for her to tag me...Oh well lol (Kieran said not to let people take pictures of me anymore unless they agree to let my group of 3 cut with them)

Passed by a group of people I knew but didn't want to bother them because Kieran would have probably said "Ask them to let us cut" blah blah blah XP But we found the end of the line...then as we walked in the line another group of friends and waved to them in sadness XD

Once we started getting close enough to the entrance of the D23 Arena they started making people leave the line unless they wanted to be first for the 3:30pm line-up...(it was 11:30am at that point). That was one thing that irked me: making people wait in line for something that has passed it's limit and not informing them is cruel. I could have enjoyed going to another thing if I had known that they stopped the line waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before my 2nd group of friends (Who I estimate were probably 30mins ahead of me)

That point that group were in front of the entrance having photos being taken of them and them chatting to one another. Yes; Lisa Fabio, Traci Hines, Amy Brunolli & sister, Marissa Ashcraft, Jimmy Sherfy, Heather Weber, Ashley Rowlett, James Phan, Michelle Moreno and many more LOL I became friends with a few people and FINALLY met Demi Boyd and her group.

Lisa gave me the AMAZING Pocahontas inspired turquoise and shell necklace as I gave her the Disney Store Deluxe Tangled Tiara (it was sold out throughout LA and she really wanted one). The necklace is AMAZING...and heavy lol which means it's all the more genuine!! Kieran and Gareth then went off on their own as I joined in on the Disney Cosplayer fun (I haven't hung out with the cosplay group since...2000...2007?? :O Woah! So yes having people ask to take pictures of me or compliment what I wear is...strange. lol

After Lisa got her evil nails done we wandered and I briefly ditched them to meet Dana Snyder (Kieran texted me saying he was following Snyder around and wanted to approach him) me being the obnoxious person who approaches people I ran up to Snyder (because he walked another direction as Kier & I were talking) and said something like "Mr. Snyder!! Hi I'm a super fan and if it's not too much may I ask for a photo??" He was MORE than happy to do so (and complimented me calling me "Pocahontas" :#3) then Kier and Gareth asked if they could have pics too (their photos are up on their pages) LOL and as they spoke to him I spoke to his friend I believe his name was Guy (cool right?). It was SO MUCH FUN!! They are so awesome and chill I wish we could have hung out with them even more, but I'm sure they had things they wanted to do XD

Lisa, Traci and them found me and we continued wandering and having them being bombarded by people asking for photos. They really wanted to check out the Little Mermaid ride panel so we had to tell a group of little girls that they had an important panel to make and would come back in an hr (it was so sad, but they wanted to get in line). When they got there the CMs said we might be able to get in which we did after...30+mins??

Honestly it was kinda boring :P Kier texted me saying that him and Gareth were in line for Disney's Parks & Resorts panel and they included me in the group count. If I wanted to go I would have to hurry. So I told Traci I was heading to it and left. I still had some time so I thought I would try to find Disneyana's booth where you can meet certain celebs and whatnot but I got lost and hit on by a creepy old guy XP I ran away and ran into Mariel Moreno who was a cute Lottie!! Then Kier called and said they were moving so I had to run away. I ran past a fake Johnny Depp and apparently Steven Lopez too (SORRY STEVIE!!) I met up with the boys a few mins after and when we got into the panel and everything I saw Michael Bandy and a couple El Cap high ups in the press and "big guy" area LOL I wanted to shout out to them, but that would have probably been rude XP

That panel was kinda cute, but in general boring compared to what I was expecting. :( That panel was like a Disney sequel...Great the first time, but the sequel was XP lol I still

After that we LEFT! I wanted to stay and hang out with the cosplayers, but...Kier & Gareth aren't into that stuff LOL. We got stuck in traffic and there were multiple accidents on the freeway.

DAY 2 (11:30am-4pm)

Woke up Late :(

Got ready quickly

found out my lash glue was dry from the inside out :(

Kier was wishy washy about going

Gareth was upset

We got there around...12ish?

(NOTE: I have some time things mixed up)

Saw Traci, Lisa, Amy & sister, & Michelle (some other time from the rest) on their way in. (OH YEAH! Traci & Lisa were Ursula & Land Ariel Day1, this day they were Cinderella & Fairy Godmother) I (as Arice) spoke to them briefly. then the boys & I ran to check something out and to meet up with Shou... and then wandered the expo a bit. We went into Parks&Resorts booth and waited in line for TALKING MICKEY MOUSE!!! Shou met up with us there too. Talking Mickey is AWESOME!!! Then we walked around more checked out the Dream Store. Also went to do a bit of photo & filming for Dana Snyder & Guy at the Fish Hook panel. Saw Don Hahn and went to meet him, chat, and take another picture with him! He is SO freakin awesome and cool! Saw Ashley running around being awesome with the red haired wench costume. Went in line to see Paige O' Hara (Saw Margaret Kerry) and Steven met up with us to hang out and it was SO GOOD to see him again!! >w< and I saw EVERYONE AND ANYONE who was cosplaying T^T

Paige came a bit late, but it's ok I will forgive her XD she's too awesome. She complimented my Arice costume (my outfit) and signed my program and took a pic with me! >w< GWAAH!!

The boys & I then went to get in line (with Shou) for the Monsters University panel. I wasn't anticipating it since all the other panels I could get into were dirt boring, but it was AWESOME! Funny, cute, educational, and a good experience (minus the kids behind us clapping & laughing the WHOLE time for attention and the large man sitting behind me breathing HEAVILY *cringe*) After a bit we stopped to get some brownies courtesy of Gareth & his D23 Luxury priviledge and then met up with the amazing Angela Lieu who gave us the hook up. I am SO SAD that I couldn't spend more time with her since we never really see each other :( I miss my co!

As Kier, Gareth & I went to see the Mickey's of Glendale line Kier pointed out two girls in ADORABLE outfits and giant bows and said "Don't you know her?" (or something like that) and i was like that's JENNY and ran up to her! FINALLY I met you Jenny (again)!! You are so awesome and you have the cutest outfits that I would totally wear!! >w< I went to show them where Paige was doing a signing (at least...I thought she was until 6:30pm but later found out it was until 6 T^T) I thought Kier & Gareth went to check out MOG since I didn't care for the store, but when us 3 girls got closer to Disneyana's Gareth bumped into me and I felt like such an ass ditching them basically XD. We arrived to see Paige GONE! T^T I felt like a HUGE ass at that point XP But I at least got to meet her :D I can't wait to see her tomorrow as ...the Red Queen?? :D STOKED!!!

D23 Expo 2011
Day 3 (10am-6pm)

Left SUPER DUPER early from SD.

Arrived around 10am in time to get my pixie dust ready at Lisa's hotel room.

FINALLY got to meet the wonderful Katie Mitchell (one of the coolest people ever!!) who was almost done getting ready as ROSETTA!! I was getting ready to be Silvermist and Ashley arrived to be TINKER BELL!!

Katie was SO KIND ENOUGH to help me with my lashes and give me more of an animated look with a few touches (thank her!!)

As soon as we were ready the bell man was at the door ready to help take Lisa's things out of the room (super fast i swear!) so we scrambled to get things packed in boxes and ready to give him. I believe his name was Frank and was super chill and was like "don't worry" when we apologized for not being ready XD it happens. As Lisa went to get her car I stood by the goods and Frank & I had a great chat about business and investments and whatnot it was quite the conversation and very interesting.

Oh yes the other two fairies had a head start to get some good photos beforehand so as soon as Lisa & I caught up with the group I then found out how bombarded you can get by simply approaching the facility! We weren't even inside yet when we were stopped for a good 5mins then we scurried inside before being stopped again only to be stopped right outside of the dealer's room for what seemed to be another 5mins then as soon as we walked in LOL and then a bit further off behind Disney Living's booth and then again being mere feet away from Disney Animations for quite the longest time. FINALLY arriving at the booth where Tinker Bell's games were being promoted along with the new film (not out yet) were we asked to be presented there to help with the promotions :) Free promoting for them free publicity for Lisa. As she stood to the side we were there taking photos and doing videos and meeting and greeting tons of people who love fairies for...iunno...correct me if I'm wrong...1+hrs? lol!

Then we went to see Margaret Kelly who was the body actress for Tinker Bell in the Peter Pan animated film! She LOVED Ashley's Tink and adored my Silvermist and we got to take photos with her. I wasn't sure if she could sign it, but we were given posters for the new Tinker game and she couldn't due to contractual agreements (it was understandable, she would have been stuck at that booth forever if she did autographs on random items) but the three of us spent some time talking about the appearance of Tink XD Ms. Kelly is a much better Tink forever and always.

After we saw JENNY again~ in her cute Queen of Hearts and her friend in the cute Alice -esque aprons and bows (cutest bunch ever!) and then more photos and photos on the Snow White ride car and then off to have some yummers!!

Then more photos, an interesting restroom break, nice warm-up in the sun outside, then back to the large open area by Disney Living to be bombarded by more photos for LORD knows how long LOL. Then the awesome Michelle did an interview with us and gave Lisa an awesome publicity cameo (she deserves it).

Can't remember whatever had happened afterwards...we...we went to the Archives store where I ran into Steven on the way and saw him briefly then ran to catch up with Lisa (who had my wallet this time lol) and after LONG hard debating I did buy something (one thing the WHOLE weekend) it is a pin LE 500 of Donald Duck in a Mickey outfit and looking PISSED!! lololol I loved it!

Afterwards I got lost but met up with them and met Jarod Millsap in real life! :D It was fun watching the two tall fairies smack people in line (the queue line was small) so Ashley stepped out of it to join me on the outside of the line but still in line...did that make sense? We went in and were WOW'd by all the amazing costumes and props, and guess who we ran into again~ Margaret Kelly!!!! She was walking around looking at everything as well.

After we finished walking around Katie was sad she didn't ask for a picture with Kelly and low and behold Margaret Kelly walks out right after and Katie took that chance to take a picture.

Finally we went to the giant costume gathering that was planned and hung out there as Kelly, Gareth, and Shou met up and took some pictures of us fairies and then Traci arrived and I had to leave :( She was sweet enough to walk with Lisa, Gareth, and I to Lisa's car to retrieve my former attire. We had quite the convo and I gave her a small simple LATE birthday gift (Ariel plate) and then after the challenge of changing while staying clothed Gareth & I departed ways with Traci & Lisa.

It was a happy ending *giggle* for me as a conclusion to D23 Expo of 2011.


2011 Disney Legends Award-------------------(Didn't Do, they closed the line way ahead of us without announcing they did so)

The Making of The Little Mermaid — Ariel's Undersea Adventure---(attended with Traci, Lisa, James, Heather, Marissa, Ashley)

Pixar Shorts---------------------------------(Didn't do cuz I had to meet Kier & Gar in the P&R thing)
Walt Disney Parks and Resorts----------------(Did; boring)
D23 Expo Talent Round-Up---------------------(Didn't do; Kier didn't feel well so we left after P&R)
Dick Van Dyke & The Vantastix----------------(Didn't do :/ )


The Walt Disney Studios---------------------(Didn't do; Got there Late)

D23 Expo Talent Round-Up--------------------(Didn't do; Got there Late)

Screening of ABC's Once Upon a Time---------(Didn't do; went to Pixar's Monsters University which was the most entertaining out of everything I DID go to)


The Art of Brave----------------------------(Didn't do; was a fairy with boundaries XD)

The Making of Star Tours — The Adventures Continue---(Didn't do)

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