Friday, March 8, 2013

Long time to Type!

Hey Everyone!! It has been FOREVER since I've posted!! Been using my FB page more than anything!!

Where to even begin? >w<

I've moved back to LA, I have been working on one place for almost a year! I've loved and I've lost, but I've gained as well! With every action comes a counter action to balance it out. You should never be discouraged with the loss and misfortune that comes your way, instead find some joy no matter how small and grow within that. Use the things that have happened in your life to your advantage and learn from it! That's the biggest thing!

So Kute Creations is currently on hiatus until further notice.
I did write a list of things I wanted to do for 2012 and even though the small superficial portions weren't fulfilled I have benefited from the HUGE changes that have happened in my life!

I am helping my lovely friend whom I love with all my heart, Rayko, with the Cherry Blossom Anime Festival which will take place April 6 in Long Beach!!!

We have created registration forms for the 3 contests we are holding at the festival: AMV, Karaoke, and Cosplay

When you get the chance please check it out.

I'm also part of the Bat-Weasel team for Grinning Gravestones Production. :)
I'm not only voicing a character (or two) but also Music Supervisor! I've been going to venues and performances left and right to find bands and musicians who sound right for the show! If you know any bands let me know by e-mailing me their name and link to

Currently I'm slowly but surely creating a website for myself! It is absolutely bare but will be filled with portfolios from my modeling gigs, singing clips, some SKC products, and whatever skills I have :P

I'll let you guys know when that is up! <3 p="" stoked="">

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