Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh No! What's going to happen?

It's been SOOOOO long! I'm taking a break from school and have been thinking a lot about what to do with my is what I've been thinking about. It's a list of stuff, but they aren't all guarantees.

I am currently trying to work full-time at Disney's Soda Fountain & Studio Store, but no luck.
I have an interview to work at Warner Brothers Studio's Store on Thursday for a part-time position. Let's just hope that I get the job.
Thinking about moving, but I don't think I will unless it just gets to that point. I believe it has, but if I can get this job and work two part-timers than I think I'll try my best to hold onto it. It'll just be more experience and seeing new things. I'm not too knowledgeable of Warner Brothers, but I'm sure I will learn soon.

My old buddy from high school, Autumn, I have kept in touch with her and recently heard back from her about modeling!!
I went hunting for gigs and is in the process of setting her with a photoshoot, Giving my boyfriend and his brother a little bit of a job and some quick cash.
I noticed that photographers and artists charge $100+ a piece so I might have to manage with just doing her makeup. She is already spending $80 for the shoot itself and can't spend anymore than $100 for the entire Photoshoot (shoot, makeup, hair, etc)
She has super short hair, so it shouldn't be too much trouble to work with, but we are worried about makeup. She wants to get a portfolio to nail every style of modeling. So...if we were able to find a makeup artist it would be for quite some time and lots of face changing. We are compiling a pack of ideas for location and makeup purposes.
With all the gigs that I have helped her look for to start off with if she does get paid for any of it, I'm her manager and getting a percentage of it. It's not a career, but while she is young and beautiful, why not just go for it? If you need a cute, sexy, smart girl to help you with promotions, shows, or events, let me know and we can negotiate something.

I really hope what my boyfriend and his family are planning does work out and go far. It's not something I would EVER want to put down, it could be a revolution and I'm sure SO many people would go with it. I refuse to say what it is, but trust me, it's going to be awesome!!

I went to Rayko's "Lolita Dark" show in Little Tokyo at a revenue called 2nd Street Jazz. It was AMAZING!!! I finally got to hear the song she wrote for Kieran and because of my fat face screaming for food afterwards, she dedicated the dirtiest song to me XD YAY!!
It's awesome, but funny. I met four cool people and a douchebag. That douche was talking to his buddy really REALLY loud during Rayko's performance and I kept looking at him and his buddy, giving them dirty looks, but nothing.
So afterwards I went to talk to Scott (D.J.'s Merch Man) and told him how that guy was such a douche for being so DISRESPECTFUL and rude and blah blah blah blah. What I was fully aware of that Scott was worried about was the fact that the douchebag was sitting right behind Scott at the bar and was staring at me XD That's right Mother F***ker I am bitch-talking you.
Afterwards I noticed he went up to Rayko and was talking to her. I don't know what they were talking about, but he really was a DOUCHEBAG who wanted in her pants. HAHAHA FORGET IT BITCH! She's smart, you're not.
But all-in-all it was fantastic! Kara posted the photos on her facebook. Gareth and Kieran were taking pictures left-to-right and they looked like Media Photographers. I mean like PROS!! It's just an add-on to how awesome they are. I can't WAIT to see the pics!

I honestly would like to finish college, but with how there are so many JackHoles in Los Angeles and the economy being SOOOO bad! I might not be able to finish it unless someone wants to die. lol So stressful. I only need like... 4 more classes to get my generals out of the way and then however many for my major. I want to get into restaurant management. I know it's going to be hard and pricey, but if I want to get something I gotta work my ass off for it. I'm not dropping out, I'm just trying to save money to help my dad and myself.

My mom sucked us dry of our money by maxing out almost everyone of her credit cards leaving us to fend for our rent. I don't know why she thinks that my dad's joint account should pay off all her credit card bills on top of the cell, rent, cars, and utensils when she has her own account that she had hidden from us for YEARS! She is spending the money, she should use her own fucking money for her fucking credit card bills and her car that she decided to buy without telling my dad. I really hope that my dad can pay off all the cards and just divorce her. I think she's sleeping with her boss, but who the fuck knows unless we get the Family Locater chip activated in her phone.

Well I guess that's the end of my endless rant because if I say anymore, this is going to take an entire page. XD I can really be writing a novel just complaining.

If anyone knows any makeup artists that don't charge anymore than $20 if anything at all, please contact me and make sure they have a portfolio.

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